When you're pregnant, your body goes through a whirlwind of changes. Your organs shift, your feet can swell, and because you are carrying life, your body will take on more weight.

Women typically gain 25-35 pounds, and it is in fact "especially important to gain the right amount of weight when you're expecting twins because your weight affects the babies' weight."

But because people are awful and ignorant, all of that logical, easily Google-able information goes out the window when you see a woman actually gain weight during pregnancy — even if you're Beyoncé. 

When this photo of a very-pregnant-with-twins Beyoncé was released, Twitter trolls flocked to comment on her changing body.

Like, they really went in.

And basically destroyed my faith in humanity.

That is until what literally seemed like the rest of the Internet rose to her defense.


It seems that this would be common sense to, like, not do this.

But the fact is that women in Hollywood are always critiqued for the way they look during their pregnancies. Anyone remember the horrific and vitriolic things that were said about Kim Kardashian?

The thing is, whether she was pregnant or not, so what if she "got fat"?

photo: photo: Twitter/Bey_Diva_

Whether someone is pregnant or just gaining weight, no one deserves to be shamed for their body. 

It is truly no one's concern, so please, leave Beyoncé and all people alone when it comes to their bodies.