Florence Pugh
photo: Splash News

Florence Pugh has had a huge year career-wise and has become a favorite actor of many.

So, naturally, now people are obsessed with her and her relationship status. But when some fans discovered who she was dating they were disappointed to say the least. Pugh, 23, is dating Scrubs star Zach Braff, who is 44, and many people are skeptical whether this kind of age difference is appropriate. Others, however, want fans to stop infantilizing Pugh, because she's a grown woman who can make her own decisions about who to date. 

After Braff left a cutesy comment on Pugh's recent Instagram picture, one of Pugh's followers fired back at him. But Pugh didn't stand for the online hate and shut it down fast. 

People definitely have opinions about their 21-year age difference.

It's become widely popular for male Hollywood 40-somethings to date young Hollywood women. Leonardo DiCaprio is a prime example, so it has led to criticism from fans who deem the age difference inappropriate. 

"I’m boycotting Scrubs until Zach Braff and Florence Pugh break up. If I learned anything from Little Women it’s sacrifice," wrote one person on Twitter. "I’d like to point out I’m not infantilizing Florence Pugh by treating her like she can’t choose who she dates, I’m chastising Zach Braff for being yet another man in Hollywood that looks at someone half his age and goes 'perfect, nothing bad about this'," they continued. 

Pugh, however, is a grown woman and can make her own decisions on her relationships. 

One person tweeted, "it’s that time of the month where i come on here and remind y’all that florence pugh is a grown woman and she can make her own decisions. she is happy with zach braff so why can’t y’all be happy for her? okay that’s all. thx." Fans of the actor just want her to live her life happily, so why must others harass them for it? 

People have had a lot to say about their current dating status, often with snarky memes, tweets, or TikToks. 

One person found it seriously concerning that the age difference is nearly double that of her costar Timothée Chalamet. They wrote, "zach braff is a whole timothée chalamet older than florence pugh and that’s all i have to say about that."

Pugh posted a cute, harmless snap on her Instagram and naturally got a comment from her beau. 

Braff and Pugh haven't gone totally public with their relationship confirmation, but they've been spotted together and shared a few photos. Plus, they're active in each other's comments. The two worked together on a few movies that Braff directed: In the Time It Takes to Get There and The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola, according to Refinery29

Braff just wanted to show his love for Pugh, but her followers weren't allowing it. 

Braff commented a princess emoji and one of Pugh's protective followers simply responded, "you're 44 years old." Ouch. Really hitting him where it might hurt. However, Pugh swooped in to let the internet trolls know that she's confident in their relationship. Pugh fired back "and yet he got it."