photo: Johns PKI / Splash News

Gabrielle Union isn't afraid to call BS when she sees it. 

The 44-year-old has shared her experience dealing with sexual assault, spoken out about the struggles of being a Black woman in Hollywood, and now she's calling out the sexist expectations placed upon her for being a wife.

On December 10, Union mentioned how she's always asked a specific question after her husband, Chicago Bulls player Dwayne Wade, accomplishes something: What she made him for dinner.

Many assumed that the tweet was referring to her husband scoring 20 points during a recent game against the San Antonio Spurs. 

Directly after she posted the tweet, she responded to a since-deleted comment implying that it was her responsibility to cook for her husband.

Just because Union is a woman and a wife, that doesn't mean she's supposed to prepare a celebratory meal in honor of her husband's success, especially when the same isn't expected of him. Union has been an actress for over 20 years, and she has plenty of her own accomplishments that deserve to be rewarded.

A lot of women could relate to Union's experience dealing with sexism and gender bias.

Several pointed out that there's always a double standard for what women should do for men.

One person gave Union the perfect response to the ignorant question, courtesy of Beyoncé's "Formation" lyrics.

And obviously, there were some who just didn't understand the point she was trying to make.

But most applauded her for speaking the absolute truth.

Keep doing what you're doing, Gabrielle!