Gabrielle Union
photo: Splash News

There have been some Uber horror stories, but Gabrielle Union might have had the weirdest encounter of all. 

Celebrities who brave ride-share apps probably have their fair share of weird moments with fans or people who just aren't used to picking up A-listers. But no event was as strange as a driver asking Union if they could use her bathroom and then totally stinking it up.

Union shared the experience on Twitter, possibly as a warning to future riders or just to vent the weird moment. Many of her followers had opposite reactions. Some thought that it was kind and hospitable of the actor to invite someone into her home, while others thought it was a horror movie waiting to happen. 

Gabrielle Union tried to be hospitable and ended up with a smelly bathroom. 

On New Year's Eve, Union rode home from an event in an Uber, but the night ended a bit stinkier than it began. "Trying to be responsible & use UBER & our driver asked to use our bathroom," Union wrote. What's worse? "15-20 min later ... Dude dropped a deuce. I'm pleased we clearly have a home & available reading material that screams 'Come in, get comfortable and drop the kids off at the pool' Welcome to 2020 folks," the actor tweeted. 

Many were shocked that she let someone into her home. 

Anyone would be a little nervous to allow a stranger to come inside their house, but especially celebrities who often have added security. To All the Boys I've Loved Before author Jenny Han replied, "You let that man in your house?? You guys are truly good Samaritans."  

Others thought it was really sweet of her to be hospitable and help someone out. 

Even though the circumstances weren't ideal, spraying air freshener was definitely easier for Union than the Uber driver suffering in their car. One fellow driver thanked Union for her graciousness. "Thank you for letting him use your bathroom! I know it wasn’t ideal that he blew it up- but I drive for uber and can tell you sometimes it is a nightmare having to find a bathroom to use, and even worse when you have to go mid ride. You’re awesome for that." 

Not many people would have extended that generosity, mainly out of fear for their lives. 

"Girl, this is how psychological thrillers start lol! Y'all are such nice people, I wouldn't have let him in," wrote one Twitter user along with the "sorry to this man" meme. It's true that stranger danger is a real thing and it would have been totally acceptable for her to have said no. But it was definitely kind of her to offer help. 

Now the Uber driver in question has a really fun story to tell. 

Many people imagined that this driver was probably grinning from ear-to-ear for more reasons than the obvious. "Come on, you have to admit, telling people the first thing you did in the new decade was drop a deuce at D. Wade & Gabrielle's house is a major win for the next 10 years," one person tweeted. 

It seems like everything turned out OK, and everyone got a funny story out of it.