We all know Gal Gadot takes no shit. When Wonder Woman — er, Gadot — paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel's talk show and appeared in the latest version of "Mean Tweets," she read a tweet that body shamed her boobs.

Here's the offending tweet:

"gal gadot??? imma be wondering why that woman got no titties."

Well, I'mma be wondering why you can't string a sentence together, but that's just me.

And here's Gadot trying to read it:

She's the first celebrity up, BTW.

At first, she had a hard time deciphering the language of the tweet.

Gal Gadot Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets
photo: YouTube

"Imma! Imma? Imma?" Gadot kept trying to pronounce. "I-M-M-A? Is that a word?"

She's too pure for this world.

But after she read that she "has no titties," Gadot was unfazed.

Gal Gadot Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets
photo: YouTube

In response, she looked down at her top.

"They're here," she stated. "They're here. Don't worry."


Does she look like the type of person who gives a damn what you think of her boobs?

photo: YouTube

Literally no one asked for your opinion, @peezusworldtour.

BTW, the woman you just body shamed basically owned the summer box office, had one of the top superhero movies of all time, broke all sorts of records, and, oh, is freakin' Wonder Woman. 

Boy, bye.

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