photo: Instagram/GigiHadid

Yesterday all of us flocked to Instagram to see our fave celebs and their families enjoy the Easter holiday. From egg hunts to baskets galore to babies all dressed up, the adorable level was at an all-time high. Speaking of dressed-up babies, Gigi Hadid's little girl, Khai, joined in on the fun, and she was absolutely adorable. 

There still wasn't a face reveal, but that didn't take away from the cuteness.  

 Donning a gray, knit bunny costume, Khai enjoyed some grass-side tummy time with her mama. "Our little bunny," Hadid captioned the photo. "First Easter!" 

We have to say, between the increase in mommy-and-me photos and us finally knowing Khai's name, we have a feeling we'll get a peek at her adorable face very soon.