Gossip Girl reboot
photo: Getty Images

It was 13 years ago that the iconic and now binge-worthy television series Gossip Girl hit televisions everywhere. The instant obsession lasted five years, with a roller coaster of drama, emotion, and of course, the occasional laugh. Now, all these years later, the show is back, and by the looks of it, it's better than ever. 

Check out the first-look photos ahead. 

Fans practically lost it this week when the new Gossip Girl cast was spotted on the steps of the Met, in New York City.

Donned in school uniforms and surrounded by cameras, it was clear that the beloved show would finally be making its return. 

There was even BTS footage of what appeared to be one of the upcoming episodes. 

Fans literally had a front-row seat to the happenings. Including, what appeared to be some drama — fictional, or course — unfolding. 

But let's be clear, this is not a reboot. 

Joshua Safron, writer and executive producer of the show, made that clear in a tweet. "Once again, it’s not a reboot," he wrote. "I think I maybe have to hire a publicist for the word 'extension.'”

No word on when this "extension" will be released, but we're eagerly awaiting all of the drama that we're sure is bound to hit our television screens.