Grimes and (presumably) Tesla CEO Elon Musk are pregnant! The musician, whose real name is Claire Boucher, announced her (alleged) pregnancy news on Instagram with a now-deleted nude selfie, nipples and all. I say alleged, because she referred to being "knocked up" in a comment on the post, but it has not been confirmed by another news source. She also didn't reference her boyfriend Musk, though we're assuming that he's the dad (Revelist has reached out to Boucher's reps for comment).

Of course, nipple-hating Instagram was quick to delete the image. 

Here's the censored image.

"Censored for insta haha - almost got away [with] it," she wrote on Instagram. As you can see, her announcement comes in the form of a ghostly baby superimposed over her abdomen. It's eerie and oddly beautiful.

Grimes stated that she is "knocked up," though she has yet to confirm the pregnancy with reporters. She called being "knocked up" a "very feral and war-like state of being," which anyone who's ever been pregnant can absolutely agree with.

In that same post, Grimes issued a clapback.

Grimes also clapped back against a reply about "securing Elon's coin" (Musk is worth $28.9 billion, reports Forbes). "I don't need $ from a man," she replied. "Grimes is self-funded." Good for you, mama. Don't let your boyfriend define your worth!

Predictably the internet went wild.

THE MEMES WERE ON FIRE, Y'ALL. Oh my god I was crying. Many of the memes centered around Grimes and Musk's fascination with robots and artificial intelligence, and their general weirdness. This tweet about their baby carriage had me cracking up.

Can you imagine?

Grimes and Musk's gender reveal party. Just think about that for a second. Why do I feel like it will involve some sort of witchcraft summoning circle with hovering Tesla cars and mint water? Will their baby have a gender? These two live in the future, and in the future, gender will be obsolete, so who knows.


Someone did it. Someone really did it. Someone photoshopped Grimes' head onto the legendary baby names meme, and while I don't think Musk and Boucher are planning on naming their child Taylee or McKarty, Eyeball Emoji seems like a reasonable choice.

Still, she could surprise us.

At this point, the craziest thing would be if Grimes' child grows up to be an athletic jock who's into Dave Matthews Band, but not ironically. I'm sending my vibes to this baby now: Please be totally normal and basic, because that would be a sight to see. Congrats to Grimes!