Goop founder and notoriously out-of-touch actress Gwyneth Paltrow seems to think she invented yoga — or, at least, is the reason that it's so popular.

In a recent profile in WSJ Magazine, the actress turned lifestyle guru tells a story about her history with the practice, and it's raising major eyebrows.

Paltrow spoke with WSJ Magazine about evolving health and fitness standards, as well as her lifestyle site Goop's role in it all.

She added that she's pleased with the rise of wellness, and that people now feel empowered by "natural solutions or ancient modalities alongside science and medicine."

All was going well until she told this wild story: "Forgive me if this comes out wrong, but I went to do a yoga class in L.A. recently and the 22-year-old girl behind the counter was like, 'Have you ever done yoga before?' And literally I turned to my friend, and I was like, 'You have this job because I’ve done yoga before.'"

Yes, you read that right. Paltrow basically thinks she's the reason millions of people practice yoga. She traveled back in time approximately 5,000 years to Northern India to bring us this wellness practice.

Even if she doesn't think she actually *invented* it but popularized it, she's still wrong. According to Yoga Journal, Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga to the U.S. in the late 1800s. Slowly but steadily it gained popularity, and by the 1960s, there were yoga studios, millions of books, and even TV shows about it.

Needless to say, people have some thoughts about Paltrow's little story.

One Twitter user called her statement "peak white nonsense."

Others decided to try quoting her in real-life scenarios.

Oh, btw, she also thinks she invented lifestyle-based marketing: "We sort of made it up. It’s the why of why you’re buying something," she said. "It’s really about finding things that we love, whether it’s a restaurant down the street here or a face product or whatever, and we write about why we love it, and then it converts really well."

Also, remember when Paltrow agreed to be in this ad campaign? Is anyone really surprised she thinks she invented yoga and marketing?

This woman is truly something else.

She's so out of touch, she's basically an alien, and her nonsense is endlessly fascinating.,

We're all just waiting to hear her next claim; it's sure to be a doozy.