Halsey Charli XCX leg hair
photo: Splash

Halsey has been on a mission for a long time now to educate trolls that body hair isn't just normal — it's natural. Yes, that's correct: Femininity does not begin and end with the absence of hair.

After schooling a Twitter troll that dared to shame her armpit hair, Halsey also chimed in when BFF and tourmate Charli XCX brought up leg hair... and she might have even hinted that a collaboration is on the way for the two.

Charli XCX kicked it off by saying she hasn't shaved her legs "for ages."

Same, girl, same.

Halsey then chimed in:

"Shave for What" has Song of the Summer potential, TBH.

Twitter, obviously, took it approximately a million steps farther.

Can we make this happen?


DJ Dillon Francis even came in with his two cents.

In short: Charli XCX and Halsey are no shave queens.

Bow down.

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