After years of being misdiagnosed, pop star Halsey recently found out that she's living with endometriosis — an excruciatingly painful disorder in which the "tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus...grows outside your uterus," according to Mayo Clinic.

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Last Thursday, the "New Americana" singer opened up about her struggle with the disease, including the years she was gaslighted by healthcare professionals. Sigh.

"With doctors essentially telling me I was being a big baby on my period, or misdiagnosing PCOS," she wrote, "finding out that I had endo was the most bittersweet moment because it meant I wasn't crazy! I wasn't a 'baby!"

Endometriosis is incurable and can lead to myriad health problems, including infertility, so there's a lot of emotional pain associated with the disease. Still, Halsey stressed to her fans that they can live a baller life unencumbered by the stress of endo.

"I have managed to live a wild, incredible and unpredictable life with Endo, and I'm here for you,"  she wrote.

Sending you love, girl.