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Halsey is kind of having a major moment these days. Most notably the singer donned the pages of Rolling Stone magazine with her armpit stubble on full display, which earned praise from fellow women celebrities across the internet.

In that feature, she also opened up about her bipolar disorder, being an adult, and the vices that she's kicked one by one. This week, she's making headlines for some other Peak Halsey Behavior. An Instagram commenter recently claimed that the 24-year-old is exploiting Pride to market her own music, and she rightfully put them back in their place.

For those of you who don't know, Halsey is an openly bisexual woman.

She's been open about her sexuality from the very beginning of her career — in fact, she's constantly calling out bisexual erasure (because, oh yes, it is definitely A Thing) in her interviews, songs, and performances. Trolls and media outlets have questioned the validity of her sexuality many times over, so it's no wonder she's constantly having to put people in their place.

That being said, it's a given that she would wave a giant Pride flag at a recent show in Brazil, right?

"Peak bi gurl evolution in São Paulo," she captioned this Twitter post, including photos of her donning a massive rainbow flag. Side note: I need to know where she got those lace-up latex/leather pants right away, please. Send links.

One Instagram user clearly took issue with that and left this rather presumptuous comment:

"Rainbow is the new marketing strategy," they wrote.

And I'll give them this: The exploitation of the queer community does run rampant in woke-era capitalism. Especially now that we're hot off the trails of Pride Month, when every single brand and celebrity is outwardly showing love for the queer community, but not all of them are actually doing anything to benefit said community.

Still, Halsey was not a fair recipient of this kind of criticism.

Halsey caught the comment and shut it all the way down with two short sentences.

"There's been a flag in my show for 5 years," she wrote in direct response to the comment. "You're just not paying attention you whiny little baby."

WOOF. Do not question Halsey's dedication to the queer community or you will really, really come to regret it.

And Halsey's right — she's been waving rainbow flags at her gigs long before corporations and straight celebrity allies caught on.

Here you'll see this photo of the singer waving a Pride flag at another show, and by the looks of her hair and makeup, I'd date this photo around 2015, or even early 2016. Anyone who follows her on Instagram knows she hasn't had hair that short in ages, so her five-year claim holds up. Long-term Halsey fans from the Tumblr days will also attest to that.

Luckily her dedicated fans rallied around the singer following the incident.

"DRAG THEM," one person responded to Halsey's clapback.

Another corrected the commenter: "She's bi tho. Make it make sense luv."

"From one bi girl to another thank you love," another woman thanked Halsey for her epic clapback.

Sounds like this commenter needs to check their facts — and re-examine the standards they hold LGBTQ people to.

photo: The Walt Disney Company

Halsey is probably the most outspoken bisexual celebrity in the mainstream right now — to think that her waving a Pride flag is nothing but a marketing ploy is to entirely ignore pretty much everything she's ever said.

And while we're on that note, would this person be saying the same thing were Halsey a lesbian and not bisexual? Or if she weren't as feminine? Let's get it straight: Bisexuality exists, bisexual people are a valid part of the LGBTQ community, and one does not have to look a certain way to identify as LGBTQ. End point.

Keeping waving that rainbow flag proudly, Halsey.