Singer Halsey has found herself in the middle of some epic pregnancy rumors. When the "Without Me" singer announced that she's working on the "biggest secret," fans immediately began spreading rumors that she's pregnant. She had to hop back on Twitter to say that definitely isn't the case. 

She isn't even rumored to be dating anyone right now, and she said the surprise didn't have to do with her next album, so "the secret" could be pretty much anything. Fans aren't entirely convinced this isn't a new music project, though.

Halsey has a big surprise in the works.

Halsey has a surprise for her fans. She went on Twitter to announce that she's got plans that will make some of her fans "explode ... into actual pieces." She didn't go into much more detail, just that she's planning a "big surprise" not related to her album. That made fans come up with their own conclusions. 

Apparently, when you're a woman with a surprise, you're automatically pregnant. 

I'm sure Halsey just wanted to build some excitement and intrigue around whatever this is supposed to be, but fans took the news and ran with it. Comments immediately prodded and poked, asking if she's pregnant, because if she's not prepping a new album, there's no way she could have anything else going on, right?

Halsey shut down those pregnancy rumors real quick with a relatable clapback.

After seeing all the commotion she caused on Twitter, Halsey went back to clarify. She's not pregnant, but she can see why people would jump to that conclusion. She says that she must've been acting stranger than usual.

"People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant, which means I’m either: a. gaining weight b. acting weirder than usual jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH! however STILL not pregnant!" she wrote.

Halsey isn't even dating anyone, as far as we know. 

I know celebrities try to keep certain parts of their lives secret, but Halsey hasn't been rumored to be dating since her breakup with rapper G-Eazy. She posted some cutesy photos of her and Yungblud that caused some questions about their relationship status, but we doubt they're dating.

She stirred some rumors with recent photos of her and Yungblud, but it appears those are just promotional efforts.

The video for "11 Minutes" is coming on February 21, and it features the two of them alongside music producer, drummer, and DJ Travis Barker. These pictures of them together could honestly just be from them working together. They could actually just be friends, despite internet rumors.

Halsey might still need time to get over her breakup with G-Eazy. And her love life isn't any of our business anyway.

Halsey revealed that her hit single "Without Me" is about her relationship with rapper G-Eazy and how truly awful their breakup felt to her. Although the singer "wishes him the best," it has been said that cheating was a factor in the couple's split from last July. Some of Halsey's fans don't support him anymore due to those theories.

But you know the internet — it'll assume the raunchiest event without any evidence or context. Thus, a pregnancy rumor was born.

Halsey had to continue defend herself right after making her "I'm not preggers" clarification. Someone on Twitter asked her what's wrong with gaining weight, even though Halsey didn't say anything was wrong with gaining weight. She responded by saying that nothing is wrong with it, and that she feels "really good right now."

She hasn't revealed the surprise yet.

We have no idea what this surprise is, and it could be literally anything that's not a human baby. On Twitter, Halsey's fans are still trying to figure out what the surprise could be. Some of the conspiracy theories are ... rather unique.

But fans can't help but create endless theories as to what the surprise might be, including a queer remake of Twilight, for some reason.

#Twilightbutmakeitgay should be the next viral hashtag, honestly. A fan thinks that a fourth movie with Halsey and Kristen Stewart would be worth watching, and Halsey is up for it. Maybe the plot line could be based around how creepy Edward Cullen really is, and Halsey's character could save Bella Swan from ever falling for him. I'd watch it.

Nevertheless, fans aren't giving up on the idea of a new album anytime soon.

Even though Halsey said the surprise isn't another album, which fans have dubbed H3, her following hasn't given up. Fans have gone along with the pregnancy idea and suggested that she's going to give metaphorical birth to a music album. If that's truly the case, I'm amped.