halsey coachella
photo: Instagram/iamhalsey

News alert: It's Coachella season! The festival kicked off this weekend in Indio, California, and it brought a whole ton of celebrity and street style with it. It also brought a whole lot of innovative, glittery beauty looks.

Halsey, as expected, delivered her own mermaidesque, sparkly-as-heck eye shadow look, which she shared on Instagram for many curious fans. After much demand, her makeup artist shared all the details of her blue, green, and yellow look, which was achieved entirely with drugstore products! Catch every single item below.

Halsey showed up to Coachella wearing this fire makeup look, courtesy of NYX Cosmetics.

That's right! Every single product in this this glittery getup came right from the drugstore, which means you can buy all of it without making a major dent in your budget. The makeup artist who pulled the look off, Denika Bedrossian, broke down how she used each NYX product to create Halsey's ultimate festival look.

First, Bedrossian created a matte gradient base using the NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette ($18, Ulta).

nyx ultimate brights shadow palette
photo: Ulta

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This palette offers up pretty much any bright eye shadow shade you could ever need — hence its self-explanatory name, I guess! Whether it's a blue, red, yellow, purple, or even green shade that you need, this palette's got you covered with 16 smooth and pigmented colors in a matte formula.

Her secret weapon for preventing glitter fallout? The brand's dual-ended silicone shadow applicator ($12, Ulta).

nyx silicone applicator
photo: Ulta

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When creating Halsey's eye look, Bedrossian used this double-tipped applicator to gently pick up and pat on the pressed glitter she layered on top of the matte green, yellow, and blue base. It's just sticky enough to pick up glitters, but not so much that you can't get it off the applicator.

The glitter itself can be found in NYX's Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette ($25, Ulta).

nyx glitter goals palette
photo: Ulta

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Specifically, Bedrossian used shades 7 and 8 (that's the turquoise and the yellow shade) from the brand's bestselling glitter palette on the inner corners and middle section of Halsey's eyes. She followed up with a separate blue glitter on the outer corners of the eyes.

To finish off the glitter gradient, Halsey's artist patted a shade from NYX's Glitter Goals Cream Pro Quad ($12, Ulta) onto the outer corners of the eyes.

nyx glitter goals quad
photo: Ulta

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See that royal blue glitter shade in the upper right corner of this eye quad? That's the shade Bedrossian used on the outer corner of Halsey's eye look, right on top of the bright, matte blue shade from the Ultimates palette.

To finish, Halsey's artist topped off the look with Worth The Hype Colored Mascara ($9, Ulta)

nyx mascara
photo: Ulta

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Because if you're going to go to Coachella — or any other music festival for that matter — you've got to go all the way out. This affordable mascara plumped Halsey's lashes, all the while providing just one extra touch of color to pull her whole look together. Bedrossian used it on both her top and bottom lashes.

The final result? An absolute mermaid glitter fest.

photo: Comedy Central

Catch me copying this look for festivals, nights out, brunches, work, laundry day, trips to the corner store... everywhere. I'm going to wear it everywhere. And it'll cost me only half of what I thought it would.

Now all that's left to ponder is what look Halsey will pull out for Coachella weekend number two.

Personally? I want more glitter. Always more glitter. Only time will tell.