Anything worth doing isn't easy, right? That's usually the case with model Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes, which are legendary in their own right. For Halloween 2019, Klum's costume went beyond ordinary and straight into our worst nightmares. She dressed up as an H.R. Giger sci-fi monster experiment gone horribly wrong‚ but the 10-hour process looks even crazier than the costume. Yes, it took Klum 10 hours to get dressed for her annual Halloween party, and there are photos — if you dare.

If you're sitting around for 10 hours getting your Halloween makeup done, you may as well document it on Twitter!

Klum got ready for Halloween at the Amazon bookstore in Manhattan (yes, that's a real thing) in front of the window, so everyone could see the process. It took so long that people could watch her get ready while eating their breakfast bagel, catch a glimpse during lunch, and wave to Klum on their way home from work.

First, Klum had to get fitted into a base layer.

There is TEAM of people working on her costume. As you can see, Klum needed a base layer to keep her comfortable under the prosthetic pieces. A makeup artist applies something to her torso, while another keeps everything dry with a handheld fan. Klum's hair was expertly flattened into a bald cap.

Next, she slid into the silicone costume.

I'm guessing it's made of silicone because the material looks similar to, uh, other flesh-toned silicone objects. Klum delicately slid her legs into the piece; each leg is painted to be the exact color of the costume. She said she feels like a raw chicken. Yikes!

Once Klum was in the costume, the real work began.

Klum's face and the costume needed to be colored with makeup. That process was the longest part of the ordeal. Did her silicone nightmare alien costume contain butt pads to keep her comfortable while sitting for hours?

As the costume came together, Klum developed some highly unusual accessories.

Who says that intestines should stay in your stomach? The costume was accessorized with metal knobs and screws that came out of her flesh, like humans grown in the battery farm in the Matrix. Tendons and muscles also poked out the skin, made to look creepily like the real thing. Excuse me while I grimace in a corner.

Can't forget about the back! No. Actually, we can.

The back of the costume looks like her spinal cord is detached from her skin, which is totally creepy. There are also giant nails poking out of her vertebrae — and that cannot be comfortable.

Finally, the disasterpiece is complete!

Ten hours of work really paid off. Look at this costume! It's bonkers! The crown features a clear panel so you can see Klum's brain. There are also wires and gadgets spilling out all over the place. 

Klum does not look like a model. She also doesn't even look human. It just goes to show that special effects are always more believable than computer animations. No CGI could terrify me this much. Congrats, Klum, you've won Halloween again.