Hilary Duff confronted paparazzi for taking photos of kids
photo: Splash News

When it comes to family, Hilary Duff isn't letting anyone hurt the people she loves. 

While on-screen Duff might have a happy-go-lucky persona, in real life, she's stern and tough when she needs to be. At a recent football game with her 7-year-old son Luca, a photographer was snapping photos of the kids' team without any parental consent. 

Duff confronted the photographer, whom she assumed to be paparazzi, and told him that he was making her uncomfortable and that she didn't want her son to be photographed. Instead of respecting a mother's decision, the photographer fought back and claimed that he was legally in the right for snapping photos. 

Whether or not taking the photos was legal, it felt wrong to make families uncomfortable by taking pictures of young kids just having fun. The video sparked plenty of debate, especially from other celebrity parents who are ready for these laws to get an update.  

Duff slandered the man for not stepping down when she asked him to. 

When Duff approached the man and asked why he was photographing children, he immediately got defensive. Duff calmly explained that she and other parents felt uncomfortable with their children being photographed and asked him to stop. Instead of respecting her wishes, he fought back and claimed he was legally in the right. 

Some people were actually on the photographer's side. 

One person commented that it was Duff's problem for being in a public park, and that if she was "uncomfortable, don't be a celebrity and take your kids in public." The commenter thought it was wrong of Duff to humiliate him and share his face with her followers. 

Duff warned the man that if he didn't stop photographing the kids, then she would share the video to her Instagram followers, and she did — which she was legally allowed to do. 

Even Perez Hilton shared that he doesn't share celebrity kid photos. 

Even notorious gossip-blogger Perez Hilton was on Duff's side. Hilton will dig deep into any story, and there's very little he's uncomfortable bringing to the surface. However, even he shared his thoughts on media sites and paparazzi sharing and taking photos of children. 

Busy Philipps stepped in to support Duff, too. 

Mom-of-two Busy Philipps supported Duff in the comments, and questioned the laws in place that allowed this stranger to photograph Duff's son. Nikki Reed also wrote on Duff's post in support of the mom. "This is beyond unacceptable and I stand behind you with an army of Mothers who applaud you for refusing to back down in an instance where yet again, a paparazzi is stating his right to photograph minors," Reed wrote. 

When it comes to family, Duff is not messing around. 

"I'm asking you, human-to-human, as a mother, if you don't know anyone here can you please stop taking photos of our children playing football," Duff said in the video. The photographer began gaslighting her and told her she was being paranoid and it was "unwarranted."

When he refused to leave, Duff said, "Ok, then I will post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram and let people know how creepy that this is what you're choosing to do on your Saturday morning with all of these parents and these kids." Ironically, the photographer lifted his hand up to cover his face. 

This isn't the first time she's stood up to paparazzi. 

In 2018, when Duff was pregnant with her daughter Banks, she asked a photographer to stop stalking and photographing her while she was pregnant and sick. The paparazzi photographer became defensive, but she stood her ground. 

"This guy has been at my son's soccer game this morning then followed me to my sisters house and was basically parked in her drive way to get photos. Followed me to run errands. I politely asked him to let me be and he continues to follow and stalk me down like pray for hours now," Duff wrote in her caption. 

"This is not ok. I am 9 months pregnant. When people say that’s what you get for signing up to be a celebrity it honestly makes me sick. This is every day of every month and it’s simply not ok. If a non 'celeb' (I’m sorry to use that word) was dealing with this the law would be involved."

Then the mom-of-two went on a rant on her Instagram Story, wishing these laws could be changed. 

Duff has been in the spotlight her entire life, so it's no wonder why she's frustrated with paparazzi. In her Story she explained how she felt about the photographer in question, who she wasn't even positive was a paparazzi. 

"It felt weird to me that he was closer to our kids than any of the parents who were watching the game and just snapping away wherever the kids were going ... No one seemed to know him," she said. "It's really highly frustrating. I ended up calling the police because multiple parents felt uncomfortable with it." 

Duff explained that the police were dismissive of her concerns because she was in a public park. "If parents are asking for it to stop, the laws should be changed for you to not be able to photograph that person... If the kids are a subject of your photography practice over and over again for however long it was ... you should have that right."