By now I'm sure everyone has heard that Lizzie McGuire is coming back, and Hilary Duff is back to star in the titular role. 

It's been 15 years since the last episode of the series, and Duff has gone on to star in more shows and became a mom of two, Luca and Banks. The 31-year-old is no regular mom; she's definitely a cool mom, and her 15 tattoos prove that. There's also that time she rocked aqua hair....

Almost all of Duff's classy, tiny tattoos are hidden on the inside of her arms. It takes serious searching to find every one, because they are so small, which is exactly how she planned it. 

The former child star has a wishbone on the outside of her right wrist. 

Duff has a wishbone on her wrist that supposedly symbolizes luck. She's had this ink for quite some time and shows it off in plenty of pictures. Her wrist tats are her most widely known, because they are slightly more on display than the rest. 

Her latest tattoo is an abstract sun above her son's name, and a line of stars on the back of her elbow. 

Duff has had her son's name tattooed on her right wrist since he was born in 2012. Plus, there's a tiny heart next to his name. In early August, Duff added a geometric sun to her inner arm and a line of asterisk-style stars behind her elbow.  

Another tiny tat that gets plenty of viewings is the little red heart on her left wrist. 

Opposite the wishbone is a tiny red heart. When Duff got this tattoo, she captioned the post "All is full of love …. " This piece of ink is also one of the only color pieces that the actor sports. 

One of the few matching tattoos that Duff has is this two-cent coin with longtime pal Alanna Masterson. 

"Dope @dr_woo_ssc tattoos with @lucytwobows," Duff captioned the photo of the freshly inked tattoo. Duff and The Walking Dead star both got this old-school-style coin from the celebrity tattoo artist on their inner elbow. They never revealed exactly what it means, but it certainly looks cool.

The second set of matching tattoos was an adorable little ghost with the words "Ride or Die" hidden in the art. 

Another Dr. Woo tattoo with Masterson, Duff has a tiny ghost on her right bicep. Along the edge of the ghost's skirt is "Ride or Die" written in cursive. Though she got this ink with her friend, I hope that a secondary meaning is an homage to her time as Wendy the Witch with Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

Two artsy pieces of ink on the star's arms are these fine-line roses and an abstract crescent moon with an arrow running through it. 

Another classy and detailed Dr. Woo piece are these double roses situated right above her crescent moon. The rose is one of Duff's largest tattoos, which is saying something, because it's still pretty small. The faint crescent moon features a triangle in the center and an arrow piercing through it. 

On an episode of the Ellen Show, Duff revealed a slew of her arm tats. 

A green-haired Duff showed off a matching tattoo with her sister that reads "Thick as Thieves" in cursive print. She also talked about her "BK" tattoo that symbolizes the New York neighborhood she lived in while filming Younger

Plus, she talked about her favorite tat: a little bird with the words "Stand By Me" emblazoned beneath. The actor also joked that in honor of her twelfth appearance on Ellen's talk show, she tatted the host's face on her leg with the number 12 next to it. 

The star also has the words "Take Fountain" etched on her right biceps above the little ghost. 

Also done by Dr. Woo, these words represent a quote by Bette Davis about making it in Hollywood. Duff told Refinery29, "People ask me all the time, 'What kind of advice do you have for young actors?' But there is no one thing, there's no one formula, so for her to say, 'Take Fountain [Avenue]' — it's brilliant."

She continued, "And I have been there, trying to get to three auditions in one day and just stuck on Santa Monica Blvd. [instead of taking the faster route, Fountain]. The meaning for me was not taking the main road, so it is funny, but it also has a little more meaning to me."

The only tattoo Duff has that isn't featured on her arms is the phrase "Let It Be" on her right foot. 

Located on the outside of her right foot is the title of a Beatles song, "Let It Be," in a classic script font. But it would still take an eagle-eyed viewer to spot the words. These tiny tattoos make Duff feel empowered and hardcore, but they're hidden enough that she can show them off just when she wants to. Maybe Lizzie McGuire has also gotten a few pieces of ink in the 15 years since we've seen her. 

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