photo: The CW

Being infatuated with an older man. It is something that has happened to us all. I was a mere five-years-old when Dirty Dancing's Patrick Swayze stole my heart (and my very early hormones). He wasn't the last one either. I am sure that you have all had the hots for at least five or ten of these hot older celebrities because I know I sure have. From silver foxes to dreamy DILFs, these dudes are the fine wines of Hollywood.

Ted Danson For Those Who Want Cheers In Their Good Place

Josh Brolin For Everyone Who Knows His Abs Were The Real Stars Of 'Deadpool'

Will Smith For Those Who Want Nonstop Blockbusters In The Bedroom

Jason Sudeikis For Those Who Yearn For a Delicious Daycare Dad

Steve Carell For Those Who Love A Glow Up

Idris Elba For Everyone Who Wants Him As Bond

Harrison Ford For Those Who Appreciate A Nostalgic Hottie

Geoffrey Zakarian For Those Who Want To Satisfy More Than Their Appetite

Chris Rock For Women Looking For More Than Laugh

Jeff Goldblum For All You All Yearning For The Ultimate Zany Zaddie

Josh Duhamel For Everyone Who Knows He's Fergie's Loss & Their Gain

Denzel Washington For People Who Lust For A Smile

Anderson Cooper For Those Who Want A Brainiac Babe

Ed Harris For Anyone Who Wants To Get Wild, Wild West

Barack Obama For Those Who Love Real Presidents

Joe Biden For Those Who Want The Good Guy

Laurene Fishbourne For Women Who Love A Classic

Andrew Lincoln For People Who Are Turned On By A Leader

Jeffrey Dean Morgan For Those Who Love The Ultimate Bad Boys

Luke Perry For Everyone Who's Watching 'Riverdale' For The DILF