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Iggy Azalea has officially called it quits with her now ex-fiancé Nick Young. The reason for the breakup, she said in an Instagram post on Sunday (June 19), was trust issues. 

Not so surprising, given the conversation about Young's infidelities one of his teammates filmed and leaked online back in March. While Lakers fans/most dudes in general took it as an opportunity to rage over the bro code being broken, Azalea has been conducting herself with composure and discretion. She continued wearing her engagement ring and has worked privately on rebuilding trust with Young, but wrote that that was to no avail. 

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Well put, Iggy. She and Young began dating in 2013, and when you've put so much of yourself and your time into a relationship, it's understandable she had hopes of repairing it. Trust has to be earned, though, and if Young proved himself incapable, she did the best thing she could for herself by stepping out now. 

Maybe she, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato can get together for a single ladies' night of shots and blasting "Fuck Love." Couldn't hurt.