As you might already know, 70s icon Cher's Twitter is quite literally the greatest Twitter account of them all. Her Twitter account is so important that The New York Times Magazine actually published a story back in January that was pretty much just an ode to her off the cuff stream-of-consciousness 140-count genius.

Over the last six years since Cher joined Twitter, she's never been shy to voice her opinion on a variety of topics. But these days, nobody seems to irk Cher more than America's Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

I'm not kidding — Cher LOATHES Trump.

And she certainly does not trust Trump to become the next president of the United States.

So Anna Niess, who works as a designer for Tumblr and is a fan of Cher's tweets, decided to start her own website to campaign for Cher — or at least, for her anti-Trump tweets.

Here are just some examples of what Cher's epic anti-Trump tweets would look like as a poster — or better yet, a canvas. Imagine this framed above your bed.



Other ways to show that you're with Cher include bumper stickers and pins.


Personally, this is my favorite.



In case you're unaware, Cher almost always refers to Trump with a toilet emoji in front of his name, or just the toilet emoji on its own, as a substitute for his name. Here's an example:

Niess originally created the swag for fun, but she received enough interest that she's going to start selling them.

Niess stated on her website says that 100% of the proceeds of anything that eventually sells will go to the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety, or the charity of Cher's choosing.

Who WOULDN'T want this tweet immortalized? Really.

H/T: Paper