Indya Moore Elle Magazine
photo: Elle Magazine

Boundaries have been broken for the LGBTQ+ community once again, and in a very fabulous way, thanks to the latest cover of ELLE magazine.

There's a much bigger call for celebrities these days to use their platform for the greater good. Whether it brings attention to oppressed groups, reveals injustices in the world, or simply raises awareness of the unknown — being famous is about more than how well you can act, sing, or dance. Just ask Indya Moore, a transgender woman and Pose FX television series star who just made history as the first trans woman to cover ELLE magazine

In a groundbreaking and moving cover story, she speaks up about the trials she's faced as a transgender woman in the LGBTQ+ community. She also peels back the layers of so much more progress that needs to be made in the world. 

The feature is everything we thought it would be, and we can't get enough!

This ELLE story comes after FX released the official promo images for season two of the Pose series.

Did Indya Moore slay, or DID SHE SLAY this shoot?! She looks like a goddess! Moore did the shoot with her Pose costars Billy Porter, MJ Rodriguez, and Dominique T.A.R. Jackson. The shoot looks very Vogue-esque, which I suspect was the intention. This shoot gets 10's across the board and was the perfect way for Moore to prepare us for the ELLE slayage she tucked away in her sleeve.

Since breaking into Hollywood, 24-year-old Indya Moore has used her platform to uplift and empower oppressed communities.

She's doing it yet again as the first transgender cover star of ELLE magazine, telling her powerful story to millions. In the cover story, she opens up about everything from health care to her experiences with being sex trafficked. 

"We don't always have access to the tools we need to break wall, break ground [and] reconstruct [the] space invading infrastructure that is designed homogenously [and] exclusively. So many of us use our hands, arms legs [and] feet, have died in the process too, just to weaken these infrastructures enough so that people with tools [can] break them..." Moore wrote in an Instagram caption about the history-making cover story. 

She continued to explain what it means to be a "first" in history as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and she honored those who paved the way before her.

"I am so grateful for them — all the trans and gender nonconforming people who have attacked these walls, chipped and even broke part of and so much the infrastructure down with bare fist and foot. I am so grateful for everyone within the infrastructures who have chosen to listen, watched, stepped out to see the people around these structures that have been marginalized and locked out for having different experiences...."

The history maker and budding actress opened up about her journey to stardom and the many trials she's faced.

"And have helped to break down these structures of priviledge [sic] and take that labor from those who die because of a lack of access, and fall short of visibility because of lack of access [and] safety," she continued. "There is so much more work to do. So much more listening. So much more intentionality, [and] vindicational [sic] work that must be done for marginalized people."

This is not the first time Moore has made a bold statement about making the world a safer, more welcoming place for all. 

Just a few days ago, Moore attended the 2019 Met Gala, and she used her time to discuss advocacy with some other major celeb attendees!

"I got to meet so many amazing folk & got to talk to Kim Kardashian about how excited I am for her to use her judicial [and] legislative access [and] ability to emotionally [and] socially influence to deconstruct white supremacy [and] heteronormative patriarchy. She listened seemingly intently. That was a really affirming moment that brought me hope that the labor of addressing these issues wouldn't always have to fall on people like me," she wrote about her time at fashion's biggest evening. 

Still, throughout the riveting ELLE cover story, Moore also revealed other more casual details about herself.

“I have to [twerk],” @indyamoore said during her ELLE interview dance break. “I’m claiming my cultural space in this dress. That’s how you know I’m from the Bronx. I’m twerking one ass-cheek. That’s talent.” 

Ha! We stan at an unapologetically twerking queen! 

So many people have strong and positive reactions to Indya Moore's ELLE cover story. 

They're obsessed with how stunning Moore looks in the photo spread and with her personal journey. "I fully admit I have a bit of a crush on this woman," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Her story is equal parts inspiring and rage inducing. What she went through to get where she is would break many people."

People were especially moved by Moore's position on health care. 

"Just got done reading Indya Moore's cover story for ELLE. Such a great read, but all I keep thinking about is how an actress/model on a hit TV show still has to be on her mother's health insurance/pay out-of-pocket for meds. Prime ex that health care/insurance here is f******," said a reader speaking on the state of health care in the US.

Fans simply can't get over how riveting Moore's story actually is.

Just ask this fan.

"If you read one thing today, please let it be Jada Bird's profile of Indya Moore for ELLE. It literally stopped my entire world for an hour, and was worth every damn second."

And there it is. Indya Moore's journey as a transgender woman is valid, valuable, and necessary. 

Moore also expressed her gratitude to ELLE via Twitter and sweetly encouraged the magazine not to make the inclusion of transgender people a onetime thing.

"Thank you for having me as your first experience covering a trans person," she wrote. "I know I will not be the last. So excited to see ELLE leverage their platform to help other talent of trans xp find visibility, [and] the safe space to be acknowledged [and] vulnerable in this powerful way."

Here's to hoping that ELLE and really all media outlets make the coverage of transgender people just as standard as the coverage of people who are cisgender. Our media should reflect our world! The human race is just too beautiful and diverse for only one group to be represented. 

Keep slaying and standing up for the LGBTQ+ community, Indya Moore! As for the rest of us, we would all do ourselves a grand favor to tune into her show, Pose, when it returns to FX on June 11.