A $15,000 a month New York City penthouse has become a favorite spot for Instagram influencers. The massive apartment was chosen by an all-women agency called Village Marketing. The firm spent a year looking for the perfect location to rent out to influencers for $3,000 to $10,000 for a single shoot. 

I can't imagine how much these influencers are raking in (the influencer industry is roughly a $2 billion market) that they can dish out that much cash to take a photo with a cupcake on a bed. Let's take a look at the luxurious space.

That's because Influencers are paying $3,000 to $10,000 to rent out a $15,000 a month New York City penthouse just for one photo shoot. 

The penthouse is a tool from Village Marketing, an all-women agency that connects microinfluencers with major brands. 

Founder Vickie Segar said the penthouse was designed for social media photos. Segar is not wrong. 

“There’s a lot of millennial pink, furs, and velvets, with gold accents, which is very on trend,” Segar told the Washington Post

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“We wanted a very harmonious vibe to start as you walk through the space — a lot of tans, whites, marbles, and different accents," she said. 

The penthouse is complete with high ceilings, hardwood floors, a rooftop deck, a floor-to-ceiling wine fridge, and a library with books that photograph well. 

Segar claims that influencers wake up at the crack of dawn to take photos in home goods stores. For her company, this is their expensive solution to that problem. 

“People get up and go to ABC Home the second the doors open to shoot — they do anything,” Segar told the New York Times. “Spaces like this are gold for them, because then they’re able to have a place that’s a home to shoot lifestyle home moments in.”

“Listen, does Instagram create false reality? Yes, 1,000 percent,” Hannah Bronfman, an influencer, told The New York Times.  “But having a place like this, for me, is not about pretending your life looks like something else. It’s about having a space you need to get your work done.”

“People literally travel to this space to shoot,” Segar said. “It felt like this was the exact perfect place we should have on here.”