The buzz surrounding this Oscar season has been all about one thing and one thing only: Leo, Leo, Leo. Mr. DiCaprio's name has been uttered so frequently, Jan herself would feel #blessed to only have to deal with Marcia. 

Seriously though, no disrespect to Leo, but we just so happen to think that another talented actor has officially "won" this Oscar season: Jacob Tremblay, the pint-sized star who managed to not only not be annoying in "Room" (because come on, we all know that child actors tend to be the worst), but also win over the hearts and minds of the Hollywood elite and normal folks alike. 

Like, look at his diverse array of big-league BFFS:

And look at his hot, viral sensation dad:

Goodnight #goldenglobes tonight was awesome!

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And listen to the story of his adorable meet cute with Oscar Isaac!

It's honestly just too much, and the kid seems to know it, but that somehow makes him even more lovable.

photo: Reuters

Cheers to Jacob Tremblay, the wunderkind who won Oscar season ... before he was big enough to even really take the stage: