Most women know the feeling. A man approaches you online or in real life — he's nice, sure, but you're not really interested in talking to him, going on a date, or touching him at all, for that matter. You immediately tense up, because you can tell he expects attention from you, and you don't want to hurt his feelings (especially if you're in a public setting). 

When you do turn him down, it goes one of several different ways. He might be polite and go about his own business — that's the best-case scenario. He might make a snide comment before storming away dramatically. Boo hoo. He might even straight-up call you something degrading and completely revoke his prior desire to talk to you. If you're on Tinder, you probably know firsthand exactly how laughable that reaction is. Turning down a stranger in real life, however, is far more unsettling, because depending on who you're talking to, it can have far worse results than a bruised ego — it can get violent. 

Take Jameela Jamil, for example. The actress, who stars as Tahani on NBC's The Good Place, has become infamous for how outspoken she is. While she's usually confronting diet tea promoters on Twitter, trying to abolish Photoshop, and calling out unrealistic body standards, she also just opened up about another experience entirely. Below, learn about Jamil's unfortunate and all-too-common encounter with a man who didn't want to take "no" for an answer.