Will the James Charles drama ever end? 

What started as shading a friend led to James Charles being called a "predator" this week. The videos and receipts keep coming forward from friends of Charles in the YouTube community and from his exes and haters. 

Now that he's lost 3 million subscribers on YouTube and the support of many famous friends, it looks like Charles' beauty and influencer career is quickly spiraling. 

James Charles has been in some hot water. 

The beauty influencer has been at the forefront of a major scandal that continues to unfold. What started as some major friend shade has developed into an all-out sex scandal. Charles has been called a "predator" for his actions and is being called out left and right by his exes. He lost 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and has lost celebrity and fellow YouTube/influencer followers. 

In Tati Westbrook's 43-minute video she mentions a time Charles hit on a "waiter" at a restaurant they attended in Seattle. 

The so-called waiter is actually a busser named Sam Cooke who works at John Howie, a steakhouse restaurant in Seattle where Westbrook hosted her birthday dinner. Cooke posted this video and promptly deleted it, but not before countless other accounts saved the video and posted it themselves. 

This account saved the video in full. Cooke explains that he slid into Charles' DMs on Instagram and kissed in a hotel room because he was "bicurious." He also explained that Charles was upset after he turned him down when he came to the realization that he was actually straight the whole time. 

Cooke also shared a video recording of a FaceTime between Charles and himself, in which Cooke calls out the influencer for talking to another guy while they were still talking. 

"This isn't intended for me to get clout from this video. I don't really care to be honest. I just wanted to share my side of the story now that everyone's opening up," Cooke said at the end of his eight-minute video. 

Apparently, Charles was also talking to Gage Gomez, a model who attended Coachella with the YouTuber's group. 

Charles invited the model to Coachella in January through direct messages. Then Gomez posted this video after Charles released a series of tweets about a "con artist" playing him at the festival because feelings weren't reciprocated. 

Gomez accuses Charles of potentially manipulating him because he was not affirmed in his sexuality. "James then saw this as an opportunity to manipulate me as a person who may or may not have been trying to figure things out about their sexuality after the fact that I told him I was straight multiple times." 

"He then started to begin putting a little bit of pressure on me of getting to know me, disregarding the fact that I told him I was straight... almost 100% of the times he goes after heterosexual men." 

Charles tweeted: "Pretty boys always have the ugliest personalities," which Gomez suggested about him. Charles also wrote, "...This boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist. I'm thankful I had my friends with me to protect me." 

James Charles revealed to Nikita Dragun that he went on a date with Cooke, the Seattle busser.

In this 30-minute video posted in April, Charles and his close friend and fellow YouTuber Nikita Dragun discuss their "boy crazy" antics and the trouble this often gets them in. 

At the 11:20 mark, Charles dives deep into a story about how he met a man at a restaurant in Seattle and they began a months-long texting flirtation after spending most of a night in a hotel room together. Then, the man (Cooke) reveals to Charles that he is straight after months of communicating. 

Charles' and Cooke's stories are mostly corroborated, but Cooke did not reveal in his tell-all video any feelings that were reciprocated as Charles expressed. 

The YouTubers also discuss their preference in men and the oftentimes gender-fluid identity Charles has. Charles also revealed that he never dated in high school and he thinks this is why the drama tends to follow him. 

A few days after the drama with Westbrook and the Sugar Bear Hair crisis unfolded, Dragun tweeted a supportive message for her friend. 

The YouTuber shared a text she received from Charles and then a text she sent to her contacts at Sugar Bear Hair. 

Dragun tweeted following the drama, "Heard a situation needed some clarification my friend was in an emergency and texted me in the moment... unfortunately since @dragunbeauty used all of our marketing budget on the fantasy, i connected him with sugar bear. nothing shady."

Followers and fans on Twitter suspected something suspicious going on considering how long it took for Charles' friend to come forward with these receipts, and that the texts were somewhat different than what Charles had originally revealed. 

It also did not help his case anyway, as it proved he did in fact work with Sugar Bear Hair, Westbrook's competitor, which is what sparked the drama in the first place. 

After Westbrook called out Charles for inappropriate sexual behavior, Jeffree Star took it another step further and called the 19-year-old a "predator." 

In a series of now-deleted Tweets, Star referred to Charles as "a danger to society" and a "predator." He also insinuated that his boyfriend, Nathan, is no longer comfortable with Charles coming around their house after a flirty exchange that might've gone too far. While it feels extreme for Star to come for Charles with a "predator" allegation, he also confirmed that Westbrook's claims were "100% true."

Westbrook also called out beauty YouTuber Gabriel Zamora, and he had some major responses. 

Zamora posted a near-10-minute rant to his Snapchat to clear up his involvement in the scandal. Zamora brought up points about timelines and how Westbrook's claims don't add up. 

"The manipulation of the story to make it into something like that... you're allowing this predatory story to go around? Girl, no. You're leaving information out." 

Zamora also brought up points about sexuality that he believes apply to the gay community and how bisexual men are perceived. "There's a lot of down low men, like there's a lot, girl, it's like a thing within our community... There's a couple of straight guys and I don't want to call them bisexual, I don't want to call them gay." 

Zamora also pointed out how edited Cooke's video was and that it seemed highly suspicious and pre-planned.

Zamora went off on the rumors that were spreading surrounding all of this drama.

Zamora went off on his Twitter replies to various drama channels who were following along on the scandal. He once again brought up the idea of false timelines and that there appeared to be holes in these stories. 

"But you couldn’t for some reason in your video talk about how Tati made FALSE allegations on me and I debunk them. Instead you use a part of me in the video to help fule YOUR NARRATIVE, even though I said her kitchen story was 100% a lie."

"The Seattle guy mssgs are from February & the Gage stuff happened 3 weeks ago...so why call AND record James RECENTLY? Ask for the screen shot of when that FT took place....its before tatis video. Do your f****** job cus her story has holes."

Even Zara Larsson added to the fire in a now-deleted Tweet.

Musician Zara Larsson commented on Westbrook's video, revealing that James Charles also pursued her boyfriend, but she deleted her message. According to Cosmopolitan, she wrote to her 1.4 million followers, "I'm cackling cause he hit up my boyfriend in the DMs several times knowing d*** well he's straight."

She followed up her deleted tweet with another soon-deleted message: "I feel like deleting this cause I checked and it wasn't several times, only one DM and some comments under pictures." 

This photo from Westbrook's wedding two years ago shows just how much has changed. 

Throughout the absurdity of the drama, receipts, tweets, direct messages, and overall hate being spread, the most heartbreaking part of the scandal is the loss of mentor and friendship. James Charles posted a seemingly genuine apology video directly to Westbrook, but he didn't touch on any of the outside scandals. The two have been close for years, and it appears fame got the best of Charles.