Jeffree Star owns a lot of clothing. He has a massive closet full of designer gear, some of which is custom-made, all of which is as sparkly and fabulous as he is. But now that Star is moving into a $14 million mansion, he's taking only what he needs to survive. To that end, Star has purged his insane designer closet with a little help from The RealReal — and has tossed around "75%" of his wardrobe. Get ready to drool over his collection.

Star introduces the video with a giant roll of bubble wrap and a pair of neon-green heels.

"NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! Nathan and I clean our ENTIRE messy house and got rid of most our clothes!! Come along the journey," wrote Star on Instagram, and this video is unbelievably extra. Let's dig into his closet purge and cry ourselves to sleep.

Star has FOUR closets to dig through.

In one closet, off of a spare bedroom, Star shows off one closet filled with racks of clothes — most of which still have tags on them. "Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, everything," he says, as he paws through the brightly colored clothes. It's bonkers. At least he acknowledges that if he's not going to wear something, "Why just let it sit?"

One thing he didn't toss? A Shane Dawson hoodie, of course.

At one point, Star has a "conversation with" himself about consumerism.

"I went through this crazy phase of, like, too much stuff," he admits. Star considers the reasons why he has gone overboard with buying tons of clothes. "Should I hoard, because it could all be pulled away from me?" Stars asks, referencing his tax troubles during his MySpace era.

He takes us through another closet.

Are you tired of Star's excess yet? Well, there's more — including this closet filled with all manner of designer jackets, including Balmain, Chanel, and yes, more Gucci. Star mentions that some jackets were only worn once, for a product video or makeup testing ... as he caresses a black glittery Balmain jacket that probably costs more than several months of my rent.

There's accessories, too!

Star sifts through a pile of accessories by Stuart Weitzman and Gucci, uncovering boxes of Gucci gloves he didn't even know he had. The RealReal team happily accepted those items. Star also grabs a stunning patchwork Gucci suitcase and rolls it out and hands it to the rep without a second thought. HEART PALPITATIONS.

All in all, the RealReal reps gather bags full of clothing.

The shot above depicts only a fraction of Star's overall purge. He estimates that he's getting rid of about "75%" of his overall wardrobe, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. At one point, Star stumbles onto "body bags full of Gucci" that are going to be consigned.

An empty closet is a happy closet, right? Maybe?

This closet is now nearly empty. The few remaining items left in it will be "donated" or kept and moved into Star's new home. He looks visibly relieved to have purged so much of his clothing, but expresses a little sadness for his now-consigned wardrobe.

You can watch the full video here, if you want to cry in agony.

The whole video is worth watching if you're feeling particularly masochistic. Could you imagine owning even one piece in Star's wardrobe? Well, it will all be up on the RealReal, so keep an eye on the site for when his clothes pop up. I'm guessing it will be pretty easy to spot which pink Gucci bomber jackets once lived in his many closets.