Jennifer Lawrence's pizza-stained red carpet dress
photo: Splash News

Pizza is delicious — and apparently dangerous.

Just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who discovered she had a pizza stain on her dress right before she had to hit the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby. 

Jennifer Lawrence eating people

Ah, shit.

photo: ABC

A source told Page Six that Lawrence had actually forgotten the Dolce & Gabbana dress that she was going to wear to the Derby back in New York City, so she had it flown to Kentucky. 

The dress arrived just in time, but there was a slighhhhtttt problem...

“She had to have her dress flown down via private jet, just to learn it had a pizza stain on it!” the insider revealed. 

Never one to let a pizza stain stop her from slaying the red carpet, Lawrence quickly devised the perfect "cover up."

Jennifer Lawrence's pizza stain on her dress
photo: Twitter/@DennisJTing

*searches high and low for the pizza stain*

Lawrence strategically held her orange clutch against her thigh to hide the massive grease stain.


Unsurprisingly, Lawrence found humor in the situation.

"[She] did her best to conceal her pizza stain with her clutch the whole evening, but laughed about it as she walked the carpet,” the Page Six source noted. 

Lawrence may have had to hold her bag against her leg the entire night, but hey! Crisis averted. 

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