Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez are enjoying their pre-marital bliss, and the Bronx-born entertainer isn't going to let anyone rain on their love parade. The pair first met back in 2005 but did not begin dating until 2017. He recently proposed to Lopez during one of their romantic getaways in the Bahamas. Rodriguez proposed with a huge diamond ring that broke the entire internet with its size and brightness.

According to E! News, J.Lo's engagement ring is estimated to be worth in the ballpark of seven figures. "I would imagine Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring to have a retail value approaching a million dollars," Andrew Brown, President of WP Diamonds, told the outlet. "It looks to be an emerald cut around 10 carats, likely an extremely good stone — VS in color and clarity."

Despite all of the beauty and bling surrounding their union, it hasn't stopped rumors from swirling about Rodriguez having seen someone else while the two have been together. The stories about Alex Rodriguez cheating on Jennifer Lopez have been plastered all over tabloids for at least a year. Unfortunately, that's the game when you're two celebrities in the public eye. Cheating rumors circulate and media outlets rarely care about how true they are or how they can affect relationships in real life. As long as the rumors aren't true, it seems that celebrities just roll with the punches.

But Jennifer Lopez is doing more than taking the cheating allegations in stride. Check out how she's also completely shutting down rumors in her own classy way in this video ahead.