Somebody call 911! Jennifer Lopez flamed Drake so hard at a show from her "All I Have" residency in Las Vegas that he must still be feeling the burn.

Lopez has historically been extremely complimentary in interviews when she was asked about her rumored ex.

Just a couple of months ago on the 2017 Grammys red carpet she was singing his praises and told Ryan Seacrest that "he’s amazing, I have so much love for that boy."

But those pleasantries were out the window when a clip of "Hotline Bling" played during a medley at her "All I Have" show this week.

photo: Giphy

When the song comes on J.Lo stops, puts her hand on her hips, and what she says will make you flatline.

“Huh. Booty call,” she snaps, and that is when we died.

Lopez has done this "Hotline Bling" bit in the past, but she is still doing it in a post A-Rod world, which says a lot. We didn't know Lopez could be so petty, but we are living for it! 

While she may just be having some fun with media speculation, thinking that she did it to spite her ex is so much juicier.

photo: Giphy

Sorry, not sorry, Drake.

Get your entire life with the full clip below.