The 2019 Grammy Awards were filled with lots of highs and lows. One high? All of the incredible beauty looks from music's biggest night. One low? The Motown tribute headlined by Jennifer Lopez, which had many people scratching their heads. 

For starters, J.Lo is Puerto Rican, and the fact that she was performing a tribute to a record label known for its legendary black artists didn't sit well with much of the internet. Viewers pointed out that it was a missed opportunity for a black artist to take center stage. 

Even though the backlash has been fierce, Jenny from the block has already come out in defense of her performance. She said, in part, that "you can't tell people what to love."

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents.

She acts, she sings, and she dances. She's been triple-threating it for pretty much her entire career, and that's what makes her such an icon.

But even J.Lo needs to know when to step aside and let others shine.

Sometimes it's best to say no to certain opportunities. And we'd like to think that she would understand that. 

Case in point: Her Motown tribute at last night's Grammy Awards ceremony.

She appeared on the Grammys stage wearing tons of feathers and doing all of her signature booty-shaking dance moves. It was definitely something.

She performed alongside Motown legend Smokey Robinson and singer Ne-Yo. 

Between the feathers, the sparkles, and the hair tossing, there was a lot going on. It was definitely a classic J.Lo performance.

Despite the glitz and glam, Lopez's tribute got mixed reviews.

One Twitter user shared their mom's reaction to the tribute. And let's just say that she was rather displeased by the whole situation.

It didn't take long for this moment to get turned into a meme.

This person described the tribute as "fraudulent," which seems fair. Maybe J.Lo performing a medley of Motown hits wasn't the brightest idea in the book.

Confusion was the general reaction among many Grammy viewers.

Can we find out which Grammy exec decided to sign off on this? The people need answers.

Some wanted to like the tribute but felt that it just fell short.

"Good performance but lacked the soul you should feel watching a legendary Motown performance," one Twitter user wrote. Another added that "she was on stage for her own interest."

And many others couldn't ignore that Lopez, a Puerto Rican, was performing songs made famous by legendary black artists.

Motown was literally a music label founded by black people for black people. It probably would've been wise to go with, oh I dunno, a black artist for the tribute.

One person pointed out that J.Lo "twerking to Jackson 5" was "an odd choice."

"I’m so irritated at this," one Twitter user wrote. "The Jacksons are still alive." Someone else put it simply: "It was not good."

The performance just felt like another J.Lo concert. 

And it just wasn't the right time or place for that. Artists who deserved their time in the spotlight didn't even get that much.

All in all, the tribute was pretty cringeworthy.

Seriously, Grammys, what gives? Were no black artists available for the tribute? That seems awfully suspect.

But Lopez has already come out in defense of her performance.

"Any type of music can inspire any type of artist," she said backstage. "You can't tell people what to love. You can't tell people what they can and can't do — what they should sing or not sing."

And there you have it, folks. Jenny from the block stands by her Motown tribute.

But we're just going to leave this tweet here. It's safe to say that the Grammys really dropped the ball on this one.