Jennifer Lopez alex rodriguez
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged! The duo made it official over the weekend during their vacation in the Bahamas. 

In a move that shocked no one, Rodriguez popped the question with quite the ring. On Instagram, they both posted the same photo of her hand in his, with the new bling front and center. And let's just say that that thing is blinding

According to E! News, the ring is likely worth "about seven figures" and "looks to be an emerald cut around 10 carats." Naturally, the internet wasted no time poking fun at Lopez's insanely huge rock.

Jenny from the block just got a major upgrade.

She and former Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez got engaged over the weekend while they were vacationing in the Bahamas. Although they first met back in 2005, they didn't begin dating until 2017. This week, nearly two years later, he proposed with a massive diamond ring that some have estimated to cost more than $1 million

Behold the blinding bling in all of its glory.

Both J.Lo and A-Rod shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts Saturday night. In the image, we see that he's holding her hand, and the ring is smack dab in the middle for all the world to see. Judging by the looks of things, he popped the question right around sunset on the beach, which is pretty romantic. 

Needless to say, that diamond is something else.

According to E! News, J.Lo's newest piece of jewelry is estimated to be worth in the ballpark of seven figures. "I would imagine Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring to have a retail value approaching a million dollars," Andrew Brown, President of WP Diamonds, told the outlet. "It looks to be an emerald cut around 10 carats, likely an extremely good stone — VS in color and clarity."

Lopez is one of several celebs who have an emerald cut engagement ring.

Jewelry and style expert Lauren McCawley told E! News that other famous women with emerald cut diamonds include Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Angelina Jolie. Without a doubt, it's a timeless cut that makes a statement. But the sheer size of Lopez's rock makes it pretty hard to ignore. That thing could be spotted from space!

Unsurprisingly, the internet began cracking jokes about its massiveness right away.

"So, A-Rod gave J-Lo an engagement ring that's about the size of my head," one person tweeted. Someone else brought up a valid point: "You know how certain pieces of red carpet jewelry have their own security guards? I would want that literally all the time with this." Hey, when you're dealing with multimillion-dollar jewelry, you can never be too safe.

Did they take that proposal photo during sunset for another reason besides romance?

As Twitter user @nathanplatt put it: "There's a reason ARod and Jennifer Lopez had their engagement photo in the shade. That size of a ring would be bright in the light, and we'd scroll and have this reaction with the photo being posted everywhere." I mean, this is a completely accurate assessment. 

It. is. so. HUGE.

We can't all have million-dollar engagement rings, but we can all have our own varying knockoffs. Take, for example, this unique approach from Twitter user @dangermarin, who used this chandelier to, um, re-create J.Lo's larger-than-life rock. Sure, it's not quite the same, but we applaud the effort and creativity.

People everywhere are hoping that their partners don't get any ideas.

And let's just make one thing clear: Bigger isn't always better! Though diamonds are a girl's best friend, and they're super pretty to look at, a rock as big as J.Lo's just seems downright burdensome. Personally, I'd be worried about reaching out to shake someone's hand and accidentally knocking them out with that thing.

Although it could, perhaps, be used for more practical purposes.

Twitter user @dev0ntae said it could have probably been used as a saucer, and I am in agreement. Plus, I'm sure it's bright enough to double as a flashlight in a totally dark room. Other potential uses? A paperweight, a helicopter pad, a serving dish ... I mean, really, the options are limitless! Might as well get your money's worth, right?

One person thought the ring looked awfully familiar. 

"I once had a ring that looked like @JLo’s engagement ring except it was one of the decorative boulders in my front yard," joked Twitter user @MercedesLV. "Literally have ice cubes in my drink the size of her ring!" someone else wrote. Hey, we tease because we love. Congrats to the happy couple! Here's to a lifetime of happiness and ... protective blinders.