I'm not ashamed to say that there are a few YouTubers who I stan. Jackie Aina is seriously my bestie in my own mind, Nyma Tang is the friend I go to for words of wisdom, and in an ideal world, Jamie and Nikki Perkins would invite me over for dinner once a week. Quite ambitious, I know, but it goes to show how much YouTube makes it easy to connect with people you've never even met. 

So in the age of social media and YouTube fame, vloggers have become celebrities in their own right. People and brands bow down, they're invited to some of the most exclusive events in Hollywood, and many of them live lavishly, going on fancy vacations, driving fancy cars, and living in homes that should be in an issue of Architectural Digest. Being a YouTuber has become a real-life career, and those who do it right continue to reap the benefits both monetarily and with increased notoriety. 

Well, lately it's not YouTubers following in the footsteps of celebrities — it's the opposite. More and more celebs are creating YouTube channels and inviting us in to see some of the most personal aspects of their lives. From celebs showing off their cooking skills to giving us a glimpse of family bonding time or their daily outfits, it's amazing how fascinating the simple aspects of the lives of the rich and famous can be. Now we have another superstar to keep up with, and it's J.Lo. Here's your first sneak peek of her channel.