In August, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced they were separating after eight years of marriage — and immediately, fingers pointed at Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt together

Lawrence and Pratt at the "Passengers" premiere in 2017.

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Fans had noticed Pratt and Lawrence's undeniable chemistry during their "Passengers" press tour and assumed the co-stars must've had an affair while filming the sci-fi thriller. Hence, his "unexpected" split from Faris. 

Faris, however, quickly shut down the cheating rumors. While she admitted the affair allegations "stung," Faris insisted they were completely false. 

But that didn't stop Twitter from blaming Lawrence for the split. 

Although nearly seven months have passed, fans *still* think Lawrence caused Pratt and Faris' divorce. So she decided to set the record straight. 

Did Jennifer Lawrence break up Chris Pratt and Anna Faris?
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While chatting with British radio station KISS FM this week, Lawrence reiterated that she did not have an affair with Pratt. 

"I mean, I never had an affair with Chris Pratt on 'Passengers,'" Lawrence insisted. "They got a divorce like two years later and everybody was like, 'Jennifer Lawrence!'"

Lawrence said the rumors completely caught her off guard. 

Her movie with Pratt wrapped years before his divorce, yet she somehow was still blamed. 

"I was like, 'What the . . . ? What? I'm in Montreal,'" Lawrence continued. "Two years later!"

Publications quickly began spreading Lawrence's side of the story, but Twitter remained unconvinced. 

Why do people think Chris Pratt cheated on Anna Faris with Jennifer Lawrence?
photo: Twitter

A handful of fans think Lawrence is still covering up the "truth."

Did Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have an affair while filming their movie?
photo: Twitter

But others noted the continued slut-shaming of Lawrence is absolutely ridiculous. 

Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris with Jennifer Lawrence?
photo: Twitter

Not to mention, it's sexist. 

Just because Lawrence worked with Pratt on a movie two years ago doesn't mean they were involved romantically. 

She's getting blamed for Faris and Pratt's split solely because she happened to star alongside him in "Passengers," and that's just wrong.

Lawrence said it once, and she'll say it again: She and Pratt did not have an affair. 

Did Jennifer Lawrence have an affair with Chris Pratt?
photo: Splash News

So take her word for it.

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