Joe Keery hair
photo: Getty Images

One thing fans know about Stranger Things is that Steve Harrington, played by actor Joe Keery, has perfect hair. 

Well, fans are mourning the loss of that perfect mop after Keery was spotted at an event for Chanel with a bluntly chopped bowl cut. Perhaps he was inspired by the slew of celebrities taking on the daring look.

The hack job is clearly meant to be artistic and avant-garde, but Steve Harrington fans are not having it. Many are also wondering what this new look means for Keery's character in the next season.

It's time to say goodbye to those luscious locks, because they've been replaced with a different kind of chop. 

Fans have taken their reactions to this haircut to the extreme and are truly mourning the actor's perfect tresses. It's as if the entity that was Steve Harrington's hair has died and been reborn as a Coconut Head à la Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. One person wrote on Twitter: "In memoriam: Joe Keery's immaculate hair [2015–2019]."

The haircut, as most bad ones do, sparked some hilarious memes. 

One person took it so far that they were having nightmares about the new look. They joked, "Therapist: Joe Keery’s hair can’t hurt you, it’s just a haircut." Unfortunately, Keery had such a recognizable and beloved style that any change will upset fans. 

Steve Harrington would be truly flabbergasted by the hairstyle. 

"JOE KEERY, WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR," one person on Twitter exclaimed. Keery and his girlfriend, Maika Monroe, who was a vision in a glittering black blazer dress, attended an event for Chanel fragrances. The bold choice was not well received by fans, and it's unclear why exactly the chop took place. Some think it could potentially be for his new movie Free Guy. 

Meanwhile, the internet will be grieving the loss of that magnificent mane. 

"Let's take a moment of silence to remember Joe Keery. He was an absolute shining star ultimate hair goals. He will forever remain in our hearts. RIP mullet man," one person shared on Twitter. The tresses were a sight to behold, and we will miss them until season four of Stranger Things, when hopefully they will make a valiant return.  

One person joked that Keery was trying to imitate another actor on the show to win back the girl of his dreams. 

"Maybe Steve Harrington thought if he cut his hair like Jonathan Byers he’d get Nancy back," someone wrote on Twitter. Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, has a similar bluntly chopped look in the show, and it won over Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer, who once dated Steve. 

Perhaps he lost the flow in an attempt to get back with his season one girlfriend. Then again, Steve's hair means way too much to him.