JoJo remixed her song "Leave (Get Out)" for the coronavirus
photo: Splash News

Joanna "JoJo" Levesque has been doing her part and inspiring fans to stay inside.

The singer, who was wildly popular in the early '00s and still making music today, remixed her entire 2004 hit "Leave (Get Out)" to be about staying inside and self-quarantining. JoJo has been going on Instagram Live daily to entertain fans with throwback jams and answering fan questions. 

She remixed her latest bop "Man" to help fans wash their hands accurately, too.

If this quarantine bop sounds familiar, it's probably because you jammed to this song in 2004.

JoJo was an early aughts icon for everyone jamming to her R&B hits. The young teen had a soulful voice reminiscent of Mariah Carey or, now, Ariana Grande. The creative artist added some new lyrics to the song that inspired her fans to stay indoors.

This was a classic 2004 jam.

"Leave (Get Out)" had us mad at boyfriends we didn't even have back then. JoJo captured the young angsty teen vibes perfectly. Plus, this music video, with her "Boys Stink" T-shirt, is just too good.

JoJo remixed her newest song "Man" to help fans wash their hands correctly.

The singer tweeted, "thank u sexy people - Have a great day- stream MAN and don’t forget to - at the bare minimum- wash your [redacted] hands." JoJo is one of many artists using her social power to get people to practice good hygiene and help flatten the coronavirus curve.

Listen to this new song that is about not settling for anyone who isn't worthy of you.

JoJo dances and practices self-love in her latest video. The artist isn't going to settle and she needs a man who will love her the way she loves herself. The empowering song is now available, and she's been promoting it on all of her social media.

Plus, she's been entertaining fans on live daily.

JoJo went on Instagram Live with her mom the other day, and fans were here for it. "Okay, @iamjojo singing with her mom on IG live is my ACTUAL new fav thing," one person tweeted along with a clip from her Live video. The two sang and danced to "No Scrubs," a song with a similar message to "Man."

She's been pulling out all of her throwback jams and showing us that her voice is still incredible.

The artist took a step away from the limelight since her early aughts fame, but now she's proving she's better than ever. JoJo was singing some of her favorite throwback songs, and taking requests from fans. "Thank you @iamjojo for singing my favorite song by you on live today... this song got me through some heartbreaks," one fan tweeted.

Fans are obsessed with her quarantine remix.

Nicolas DiDomizio tweeted "ok i was not prepared for the quarantine-version bridge to go this hard @iamjojo." The singer changed up all of the lyrics to reflect today's current climate, and it works so perfectly. Somehow this 2004 song has come back at the best time possible.