Jonas Brothers
photo: Splash News

The Jonas Brothers made an epic comeback early last year, and things haven't slowed down one bit. 

The three brothers released a documentary chronicling their struggle from teen fame to adulthood and the band breakup that ensued. Now it seems that they're happier than ever and married to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. 

Joe wedded Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and Nick is now married to Priyanka Chopra. Of course, Kevin is still with his wife of 10 years, Danielle Jonas. When the trio released their return single "Sucker," the music video featured their loved ones, and fans coined the term "Jonas Sisters."

The Jonas Sisters are back in the brothers' latest music video "What a Man Gotta Do?" 

Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas were the real stars of the video. 

Each couple re-created a classic '80s film. Turner and Joe were Danny and Sandy from Grease, Nick and Chopra were in Risky Business, and Kevin and Danielle Jonas re-created a classic scene from Say Anything. Their personalities stuck out, especially in the bloopers at the end of the video. Things have been quiet since the two Jonases each got married last year, so this video was a welcome surprise for fans. 

Sophie Turner is a '50s icon. 

Fans have loved Sophie and Joe's goofy, loving relationship. They shared some adorable snaps from their honeymoon after marrying in an over-the-top Parisian ceremony. Now we get to see their sweet relationship play out even further as Danny and Sandy from Grease. Plus, Turner played the villainous character as well, because why not have double Sophie Turner in a video. 

In a Risky Business adaptation, Priyanka and Nick were oh-so flirty. 

These two are a bit more private with their relationship than Nick's siblings, so it was so fun to see them flirting on screen. Each couple also re-created the movie poster from the original film, and even that looked pretty spot-on. I'll be honest, I could go back and rewatch Nick Jonas as Tom Cruise over and over again. 

Danielle and Kevin Jonas re-created one of the most romantic '80s movie scenes from Say Anything. 

This sweetly romantic moment fits the longtime couple too well. Plus, we got a cameo from the Jonases' puppy, too. Also, is it just me, or does Kevin look suspiciously like the film's lead character, played by John Cusack?

Fans were excited to say the least. 

One fan tweeted, "I am not exaggerating when I say I screamed throughout the whole video, such a bop & the music video?? *chef’s kiss*" And even more shared their thoughts on Twitter about the wholesome and fun new song. The trio will be performing at the Grammys, and I hope to see the Jonas Sisters in attendance too. 

A few fans joked that Kevin is still the odd one out. 

As the oldest brother, Kevin was sometimes left out of the fun. And in this video, he and Danielle certainly have less screen time. One person wrote, "What Kevin and Danielle gotta do to get more screen time as nick and priyanka?" and some replied, "Ask Joe and the 2 Sophie’s in the video." The shade. 

This was just like "Sucker" all over again.

The world loved that the brothers included their wives in the "Sucker" music video, and why wouldn't these three gorgeous women be involved? Two out of three of them are actors anyway! This video was the perfect comeback to reintroduce the Jonas Brothers into their adult lives. 

Now I hope we see a Jonas Sisters music video next time. 

Fans are obsessed with the familial friendship between these three. "PROTECT THEM AT ALL COST," someone tweeted. I hope to see them all in the audience at the Grammy Awards, or even onstage.