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If you haven't watched "Queer Eye" yet — whether it's because you live under a rock, can't find someone with a steal-able Netflix password, or because you truly hate everything good in the world — you're missing the biggest star of the season: Jonathan Van Ness.

The hairstylist and grooming expert of the Fab Five is more than just Beyoncè waves and brilliant catchphrases, though. The star also makes it a point to inject body positivity in all that he does. (I mean, he IS friends with Tess Holliday, after all.)

While every member of the Fab Five shares quite a few shirtless selfies a week (*cough* Antoni *cough*) Van Ness makes it a point to include a powerful message.

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"Sickeningly gorge," he wrote in the caption for the above photo. "I left my psoriasis and my body unretouched."

"Why should I dim my shine henny?" he continued.

Point well made, sir.

He also believes in the power of positive self-talk.

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Van Ness brought up the example of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist who believed that water could respond to and sense both positive and negative energy. As a result, the "Queer Eye" star doesn't believe in negative self-talk.

"So like, when people will be like, 'Oh, my hair is so fine and so thin, I hate it,'" he told Bustle. "I'm like, 'Don't talk to your hair like that.'"

"The self-loathing, the negative self-talk thing, I call that being below the line," he said.

Additionally, his version of body positivity is about trying to unleash someone's best version of themselves.

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“Men totally struggle with taking care of how they look,” he told Telegraph. “They think it’s unnecessary or feminine or extra and it isn’t.”

Van Ness also makes it a point to stress confidence as the goal, not a certain body or grooming "ideal."

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"Confidence is key," he told one of the heroes mid-transformation. "Knowing who you are is key."

He, along with his co-stars, also strived to find positives within every man the Fab Five made over, as opposed to running through a list of "flaws" that need fixing.

He uses his Instagram to spread a message of self-love.

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The caption — "They say brave, I say gorge" — refers back to something all curvy, plus-size, and differently-abled people have heard at least once: that the simple act of posing in a bathing suit, or naked, or wearing something that shows more skin than usual, is somehow brave when it's really just about being yourself!

Keep up the positivity, JVN. It's truly gorge.

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