Jordin Sparks and husband Dana Isaiah respond to rumors they are fighting.
photo: Splash News

Jordin Sparks and her husband, Dana Isaiah, are coming for the internet after rumors started circulating that the two were fighting. 

Isaiah made a cryptic tweet, and popular drama account The Shade Room made a few assumptions about who it could be about. A few people replied to the tweet, asking Isaiah who he was referring to. It turns out he was being shady about a friend's recent divorce, and now their dirty laundry has been aired for all to see. 

Sparks and Isaiah made a few Instagram posts proving everyone wrong, and the little family is definitely doing very well. Plus, Sparks capitalized on the drama and plugged her upcoming new music.

Isaiah tweeted a shady message, and people quickly started taking it out of context.

Isaiah wrote to his Twitter followers, "You can’t force someone to stay married to you. Especially after you made them look like a fool publicly twice. God ain’t in that." Immediately people thought the couple, who share a son DJ together, weren't doing well.

Sparks and Isaiah keep things private. 

Isaiah quickly cleared up things on his Twitter. "Trust me when I say this. If me and my wife were having issues... NONE OF YALL WOULD KNOW. LOl," he tweeted. It's very obvious that they keep their personal business private.

The Shade Room clarified the mix-up, and didn't want any drama.

The Shade Room took down its initial post suggesting that the tweet could have been referring to his relationship with Sparks. "#TSRClearTheAir: #DanaIsaiah clarifies that his statement from earlier was not in relation to his marriage and was a topic that stemmed from a conversation he had with a friend," the drama account wrote.

Daniela Robinson, a close friend, went into the replies to clarify that Isaiah was not referencing his marriage. 

A friend of Sparks and Isaiah is unfortunately dealing with a divorce, which is what Isaiah was referencing. "Who are u talking about ?!!!" one person asked Isaiah. Robinson replied, "Jordin and Dana are very happily married. Dana is one of my best friends and the tweet was about me and my divorce." 

Yikes. Awkward.

Sparks shared a sweet family photo after the drama unfolded.

We got a few sweet family posts out of all of this drama, though. "These two are my heart. ♥️ We went “fimmin” before the rain today! Stay safe out there everyone!" Sparks wrote in an Instagram caption following the drama.

The couple is looking as happy as ever, so no need for concern.

Isaiah then posted an adorable shot of just the couple on his Instagram feed. "The internet is a wild place," he joked. It seems all of the drama is under the bridge now, but they were not about the shade. "They really won’t let me live!" Isaiah tweeted.

Sparks took the opportunity from the drama to plug her music, and we're here for it.

Capitalizing on the drama brought by her husband's tweet, the American Idol winner made a savvy business move. While everyone was eyeing their relationship, the singer let everyone know she has new music coming up. 

She commented, "Since y'all are here... I DO have new music coming that I'm superrrrrrr excited about. I hope you enjoy when it drops! In the meantime, stream the [fire] I dropped with @sirelijahblake: '1990 Forever!'"

And that's the tea.