Jordyn Woods
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Just when we thought we'd caught a breath, more details have emerged about the Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. Woods' first tell-all interview since this mess started is scheduled to air tomorrow, and Kris Jenner is not about it. She reportedly gave Woods a "warning" before she gave the interview, but Woods was determined to tell her side of the story. 

It also just surfaced that Woods used to date another one of Khloé's exes, which makes the story that much juicier when you consider that she reportedly lied about the affair with Thompson in the beginning. 

A whole other level of drama has been achieved thanks to this upcoming tell-all Jordyn Woods interview. 

We all should know by now that Jordyn Woods reportedly got caught cheating with Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, and the couple broke up because of it. But now that Woods has agreed to her first interview since the scandal erupted, it looks like we won't see the end of this story for a while. Woods will be on Jada Pinkett Smith's talk show, Red Table Talk, tomorrow. 

Now it's being reported that Thompson isn't the only one of Khloé's exes that Woods has hooked up with.

Reportedly, Woods also hooked up with James Harden. If you're not up to date on your sports news, Harden currently plays for the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He's also the person in this meme. He and Khloé Kardashian dated back in 2015, and he said he broke up with the Kardashian because of all the attention it was bringing to him. 

I guess somewhere along the line Harden met Woods and ... sparks flew?

The Kardashians and Woods were so close, it makes sense that Woods and Harden would have met at some point in time. But it's actually reported that they met at Kanye West's birthday party one year. They allegedly didn't date for long, but it was apparently very shortly after Harden and Kardashian had broken up. Kardashian was aware of Woods and Harden dating and didn't have a problem with it, though. 

In the midst of all this cheating drama, Woods wants to tell her side of the story — hence this upcoming interview.

It's been reported that the Kardashian family is pretty upset that Woods is doing this interview instead of settling things privately and quietly. But it's also being reported that they won't take her calls. If both are true, how is she supposed to say she's sorry if none of them are listening? Not that that warrants appearing on a national talk show to talk dirt.

She reportedly thinks the Kardashians want to "ruin her."

It's being said that Woods agreed to talk on Red Table Talk because of how close she is with the Smith family. She wanted a space where she would be able to tell her side of the story because she believes "the Kardashians — especially Kim — can break her in every way." 

TMZ reported that Woods feels like "she has a scarlet letter plastered on her forehead."

Tabloid reports also claim that Woods has lied multiple times about the affair between her and Thompson.

It was recently reported that Woods said she was drunk when she hooked up with Thompson. However, now it's being said that on Red Table Talk, Woods confesses that she was never drunk

She also allegedly lied to Khloé when she was initially confronted with the affair, but confessed later on. It's even reported that Woods and Thompson had an agreement to lie about the affair if they ever were asked about it, but Thompson also assured Woods they wouldn't get caught. 

We're really not sure which, if any, of these rumors to believe.

The breakdown of how Khloé reportedly found out about the affair has been released. 

It's almost like a he said/she said kind of situation. It's reported that Woods called Khloé to let her know that she stayed the night over at Thompson's place so he wouldn't cheat on her. But then Kim's friend Larsa Pippen got a call from Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, who'd caught wind of the scandal. Then Pippen called Kim and Kourtney. Then Kourtney and Pippen called Khloé. That's when Khloé called Woods and asked her about what happened. It's like a vicious circle. But if all this is true, why didn't Pippen just call Khloé in the first place?

The Kardashians have Woods legally locked with a nondisclosure agreement, so it's hard to predict just how much tea Woods will be legally allowed to spill tomorrow.

Woods reportedly signed a nondisclosure agreement with the Kardashian/Jenner family because of her involvement in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. That pretty much means that legally, she can't talk about the personal lives of the family without facing legal trouble. This severely limits what she can say in this tell-all interview, and the family will most likely be watching the interview to know what she says. She could be slapped with a pretty hefty fine.

Kris Jenner reportedly gave Woods a "stern warning" before her appearance on the talk show. 

The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, allegedly gave Woods a "stern warning" about her interview. But as we know, Woods didn't back down and still wants to tell her story. She reportedly told Jenner "what's done is done," and it's caused Jenner to have a "nuclear meltdown." We all know Jenner loves to stay in control. 

But you never know — Kris Jenner could be using this cheating scandal for TV ratings.

It's been reported that Kris Jenner is using this whole mess to further the duration of the family's reality show, and that's not a far reach for this family. A source has said that Jenner is trying to get a new deal with the show's home network for $200 million. 

A few years have passed since the last contracts were signed, but now those contracts are running out of time. Isn't it convenient that all of this happened at this very moment in time? This is actually one of the reasons people think this whole scandal is fake