Jordyn Woods' Instagram and Snapchat are now mostly dedicated to her fitness regime and her daily workouts. And while that commitment to her gym is inspiring some of her fans, her latest move in the #fitspiration space is really turning people off.

Her latest Instagram post features a paid promotional video for a "weight loss shot drink."

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The sponsored post was for Boombod, a "shot drink" for weight loss.

"I normally never do this," Woods explained in the video. "But because I'm taking you along with me on my fitness journey, I wanted to let you know about these Boombod seven-day achiever that I'm going to start trying tomorrow." 

She then explained how the packets worked, clarifying she she hasn't tried them yet.

However, many of her followers weren't on board with her promoting diet culture.

To be fair, Woods is FAR from the first person to promote a weight loss drink, tea, supplement, or powder. Nearly all the Kardashians have promoted FitTea, a weight loss tea, for example. However, what makes Woods' #sponcon different is that she's someone who's typically vocal about body positivity and loving her body at any size, which doesn't really align with diet culture and the drink she's schilling for.

While you can certainly try to lose weight and be body positive, promoting a weight loss drink seems misplaced.

Jordyn Woods promotes boombod
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Boombod is an appetite suppressant that's meant to be taken before each meal. Essentially the program helps you lose weight because it makes you eat less. It doesn't boost your metabolism, nor does it give you energy or help your workouts. It literally just makes you fuller faster via glucomannan, a dietary fiber.

The problem with Boombod is that by restricting the food you intake, you also restrict the amount of calories and nutrients you ingest, while not effectively replacing them. By promoting Boombod, Woods is effectively promoting diet culture, and that should raise a red flag.

While Woods can obviously promote what she wants, this is absolutely perplexing.

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Weight loss items like detox teas and appetite suppressants are known to be triggering to people with eating disorders and those who suffer from eating-based issues. It's yet another promotion of diet culture from someone whose platform is all about loving yourself, and that's a bummer.

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