Jordyn Woods has made her way back onto social media, and she's got a new look, too.

Over the weekend, she resurfaced on Instagram after taking a weeks-long hiatus from the platform following news about her involvement in the Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. In her latest post, Woods shared two back-to-back selfies of her smiling in the sunshine while wearing a plain white top and rows of small silver hoop earrings. 

Fans also noticed that she was rocking a completely fresh hairstyle as well, giving a whole new meaning to the idea of the "breakup haircut." As you may recall, Woods and ex-best friend Kylie Jenner haven't been on great terms ever since word got out that Woods allegedly had some type of romantic encounter with Thompson back in February.

The past few weeks have been bumpy for Jordyn Woods.

Kylie Jenner allegedly asked Woods to move out of her guest house after reports emerged that Woods had hooked up with Khloé Kardashian's now-estranged boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, back in February. The entire Jenner/Kardashian clan wasted no time distancing themselves from Woods both online and IRL. 

She even gave a tell-all interview on Red Table Talk in an attempt to clear the air.

jordyn woods red table talk
photo: Red Table Talk

According to Woods, all the rumors about her and Thompson aren't true, though she did admit that he kissed her briefly. She said that she regrets how she handled the whole fiasco at first and that she has since apologized to Khloé Kardashian in a phone call. However, Khloé pushed back against Woods' claim and said that no such apology had taken place.

Many tears have been shed.

Woods insisted that Thompson only kissed her once and that it totally lacked "passion." Beyond that, she said, they never had sex, even though she spent the night at his house. However, Woods did admit that she probably shouldn't have been in that sticky situation in the first place. She also offered to take a lie detector test.

She ultimately decided to open up about the scandal because it was affecting her family.

jordyn woods red tabke talk
photo: Red Table Talk

She told Jada Pinkett Smith that ever since the scandal became public, her family hasn't been able to leave the house without worrying about their safety or being harassed. She even claimed that someone said her father "deserved to die." So it makes sense that she would want to get her side of the story out there.

Woods emphasized the fact that all of this drama was not a publicity stunt.

She also said that she had connected with Jenner and gave her a heads-up about the interview. She addressed Khloé directly, saying, "Whatever makes you feel better is what I want." But those words apparently didn't mean much to her — on Twitter, Khloé accused Woods of "lying" about apologizing and even called her "the reason [her] family broke up."

Needless to say, Woods has been through a lot lately.

So far, Jenner has stayed mostly mum about everything. It was initially reported that she was defending Woods, with some sources suggesting that the two reconnected over breakfast recently. However, it turns out that Jenner was meeting up with another friend, Heather Sanders. That means the former BFFs are still on the outs. 

But that doesn't mean she's giving up on her years-long friendship with Jenner.

According to Us Weekly, Woods may have extended a peace offering last week when she "liked" one of Jenner's latest Insta posts. In the photo, the makeup mogul is posing while looking over her shoulder in a white sports bra and shiny red leather pants. For what it's worth, Khloé also provided some feedback on the same image, commenting: "Yes yes yes yes."

In the meantime, Woods is back on the 'gram herself.

Last Friday, she broke her weeks-long Insta hiatus by posting two back-to-back selfies. In both images, she's seen wearing minimal makeup, subtle silver hoops, and a plain white T-shirt. Also notable? She's rocking a chin-length bob, which is a total departure from her normal super-long locks. 

She made it clear that she's getting through this tough time.

"If you’re reading this.. it means God has given you another day to wake up and be grateful & better than you were yesterday," Woods wrote in the caption alongside a pink double heart emoji. Many fans shared their admiration for her new look, calling it "so pretty" and "beautiful." One person wrote: "They say a woman that changes her hair is a new woman."

Hopefully this is a sign of a new chapter for Woods.

According to People, Woods is living with her mom for the time being, and she is "broken up" about everything that's happened in the past few weeks. Even though the Kardashian/Jenner clan appears to have severed ties with Woods altogether, perhaps she can find a way to make a name for herself without needing to rely on the celebrity family for their connections and notoriety. Only time will tell!