If you follow Jordyn Woods, you might've noticed she's been hitting the gym — hard. However, she recently explained staying fit is only part of the reason.

Woods posted a Snap Story last night, explaining why the gym has become such an important part of her daily routine.

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"A couple days ago, I got my yearly physical, and after all of the emotional trauma I went through this year, my physician suggested that I see a therapist," she said in a Snapchat filmed from her car. "And I fully promote people going to therapy, but for me, I found that my clutch and my therapy is working out and going to the gym."

She acknowledged that her preferred method of therapy isn't for everyone.

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"There's a different type of therapy for every situation and for every person," she said. "Me, when I wake up mad, sad, however I feel, I go to the gym and I'm good."

This isn't purely anecdotal evidence: Going to the gym has been proven to help people with anxiety and depression. However, the release of dopamine you get from a good workout isn't going to cancel out feeling like you're "stuck," or heal other lingering issues.

""Exercise can elevate your mood, but it's not going to change the way you think," Patricia Thornton, PhD, a psychologist in New York City and member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, told Refinery29.

Woods also acknowledged people labeling her "too skinny" now.

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"Now I do post a workout video every single day, and I have seen people comment, 'oh she's not a plus-size model anymore,' and 'she's trying to be skinny,'" she explained. "Well, guess what? You can't put a price on your health. You also can't play with it. Life is too short. I learned that very recently. The least I can do is try to be as physically healthy and mentally as healthy as possible. I'm taking you guys along with me."

She also thwarted claims that she's had any work done to accelerate her progress at the gym.

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"With my working out I have seen a lot of growth in a short amount of time and I love seeing people say 'your work out videos inspire me and motivate me to get up and do something," she insisted.

Woods' openness about her mental health is refreshing.

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Woods brings to light the fact that therapy comes in all different forms: For some, it may involve speaking to a professional, while for others, it can involve self-care in whatever form. For Woods, it happens to be the gym, and that's totally fine. 

Additionally, saying she's only "trying to get skinny" is small-minded.

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People go to the gym for any number of reasons. While some people do go to the gym to lose weight (which is totally valid!), many don't, and Woods didn't say she was going to "get skinny" — rather, she's going for both her mental and physical health.