Justin Bieber
photo: Reuters

Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have some new competition in the celebmoji world. 

On Friday (June 3) Justin Bieber released his new emoji app through Apple, Justmoji, allowing fans and iPhone users everywhere to replace actual words and feelings with teeny Bieber cartoons. Three cheers for the degeneration of authentic communication! Rah rah. 

Bieber announced the app this week on Instagram, posting possibly the most Bieber-esque emoji of the whole series.

Friday @AppStore

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Given all of the "Purpose" singer's recent odd behavior evoking the onset of an existential crisis, it's a relief to see him poke some fun at himself, as these emojis do. It shows a levity that's been missing from his personality and performances these days. Although, how seriously can one really take himself once they've elected to go out in public with a goddamn PACIFIER in their mouth? 

These Justmojis are like a greatest hits of all the tabloid stories about him over the years. Remember when Biebs egged a house or cried on stage during the MTV VMAs? Well, now there's an emoji for that.

Beyond the cartoon emojis of Bieber, there are also ones of his tattoos, song titles, motorcycle, and, naturally, a Bible.

photo: Justmoji

Another set showing Bieber's face and torso are clearly intended to look more realistic, but in actuality are pretty creepy.

photo: Justmoji

I'd seriously think twice before sending them to anyone you actually hope to elicit a response from.