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Justin Bieber had a brief feud with 15-year-old Dance Moms alum and YouTube star JoJo Siwa to end the year in a spectacularly random fashion — as if 2018 could get any weirder. But now, perhaps in attempt to start 2019 with a clean slate, he's apologized to her. Let's unpack this, shall we?

Justin Bieber needs no introduction. You already know who he is.

But in case you aren't familiar with JoJo Siwa, she's a 15-year-old dancer turned YouTube sensation who appeared on two seasons of Dance Moms. She wears a lot of giant hair bows and colorful clothing. 

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Siwa got a BMW for Christmas, as most 15-year-olds do. It was decked out by West Coast Customs with rainbow rims, sparkly unicorn decals, and, of course, a giant photo of her face on the hood.

BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!???????????? (link in my bio!)????????

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Although Siwa cannot legally drive yet without a parent or guardian present, she dubbed it the "best Christmas ever." Watch her parents surprise her with the customized car in the video below.

Here's where Bieber comes in. West Coast Customs reposted Siwa's Instagram photo of her car, and car enthusiast Bieber was not a fan. Rather than simply scrolling past, he decided to comment "burn it" on the photo. Three separate times. BURN IT.

justin bieber burn it
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Of course, the singer-songwriter's comments didn't go unnoticed. Not in the slightest. Siwa's mom, Jessalyn, replied to Bieber, saying, "Burn your own things." Fans were outraged. Chaos ensued. You know, the usual. Siwa decided to flip the script, and posted another photo of the car complete with a cardboard cutout of Bieber in the front seat. She captioned it — you guessed it — "Burn it."

burn it

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Bieber's usually all about love and light, so naturally, he didn't let the social media fight get too out of hand. Instead, he took to Twitter to offer up his apologies to Siwa. He made it clear he had nothing against her. He just hated her new car — as most of us do.

And it seems that Siwa has accepted his apology and has moved on from the weirdest feud of 2018.

Basically, everyone on the internet is confused. 

Like, how do these two even know each other? Did Bieber know who Siwa was before #CarGate2018?

Anyway, all is well now. Except for that car. Burn it.