Ashley Graham's husband Justin Ervin knows he's married to a goddess, which is why he has zero shame admiring his wife's beauty in public. 

On Thursday, Graham and Ervin were on a plane en route to Nebraska, sitting comfortably in coach (supermodels — they're just like us!) when Graham noticed that her husband had picked up some "reading material" for their flight...

Graham caught Ervin straight-up drooling over her Sports Illustrated spread in public.

Ashley Graham's husband Justin Ervin staring at her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread
photo: Instagram

Ervin was casually flipping through his magazine when he stumbled upon sizzling photos of his wife. 

Naturally, he decided to spend an extra few minutes on Graham's page — and Graham caught the shameless adoration on video.

Like the savage she is, Graham called out her husband on her Instagram story. 

Ashley Graham's husband Justin Ervin looking at her Sports Illustrated spread on a plane
photo: Instagram

"What are you doing?!" she demanded as he slyly looked away from her photos. 

But even Graham had to admit that Ervin has great taste in travel reads...

Ashley Graham's Sports Illustrated spread 2018
photo: Instagram

"I love that one!" Graham noted.

(Something tells me that Ervin agrees!)

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