Justin Timberlake made inappropriate comments to Sza during the Ellen Show
photo: Splash News

Justin Timberlake just made a majorly problematic comment to Sza while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show promoting their new movie Trolls 2

When DeGeneres pulled up Sza's iconic Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring the trio of boss ladies, Normani, Sza, and Megan Thee Stallion, the talk show host began to compliment the singer. Before DeGeneres could get a sentence out Timberlake began using a blaccent and calling Sza "Sis." 

The entire situation was so cringey and inappropriate, and had many Twitter users wondering what JT was thinking. Of course, he's had some trouble with cultural appropriation and knowing his boundaries in black culture before. This time, though, he definitely crossed a line. 

At the 3:28-minute mark Timberlake makes himself look like a complete and utter fool. 

When DeGeneres pulls out the magazine cover, Timberlake wiggles his head back and forth and says, "Sis! What are you doin' to 'em, sis!" 


Many people were unsurprised by the move from JT. 

One person tweeted, "Justin Timberlake calling SZA 'sis' and talking over her when Ellen asked her a question … is right on brand for JT." Timberlake has often been problematic when it comes to race and sticking up for black people when it's most convenient. 

He completely talked over her too, which is just plain rude. 

One person thought Timberlake talked over the singer and joked in a tweet, "Ellen: So SZA— Justin: Yes?" The long-time entertainer totally took over the conversation, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with him. 

I mean … this was so cringey to watch. 

The shade in this tweet is too good. A Twitter user wrote, "Imagine being called 'sis' by a 40-year-old white man wearing sneakers with a pocket square and a bad fade."

"Sis" is a term of endearment used among black and queer people that shouldn't be used by just anyone. Vice breaks down why exactly it belongs to the black and queer community, and just shouldn't be used by white people. 

Sza barely answered her own question.

Instead of getting to talk about the incredible accomplishment of landing a Rolling Stone magazine cover, Sza had to dodge the awkward interaction from Timberlake. The singer giggled awkwardly at his remarks. "You know, sometimes, you've just got to let 'em know you've been working out," Timberlake said to Sza in an imitation of a blaccent. 

Sza handled the whole awkward moment gracefully. 

Sza handled herself well despite being interrupted multiple times. "Let’s applaud my girl SZA for not even acknowledging him while she was answering a question direct to HER from Ellen," one Twitter user replied. 

Justin should have just kept his mouth shut, but instead he got roasted. 

One person tweeted, "He sounds like he’s been studying how to say 'sis' in a sentence." 

Another replied, "'Wig sis I'm living with that serve. Period hunty. Mama put in that work queen.' JT spent all night before this interview on black Twitter just waiting to try out what he learned, lmao."