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Someone accused West of "eating Kim."


Some geniuses said West is the surrogate for his third child with Kim Kardashian.

Very original.

Other Photoshop geniuses made memes.

Why someone would take time out of their day to make this, we'll never know.

And plenty referenced "Workout Plan."

Best song of 2004, IMHO.

One Twitter user, however, got it right.

If West did gain weight (and I strongly suspect that it's just the cut of his shirt, BTW), it's most likely due to the medications he takes to help with his mental health. He was hospitalized in November of last year for "exhaustion and sleep deprivation," and was likely given medication. One of the side effects of medication? Weight fluctuation.

And no matter what, fat-shaming is never funny. It's just plain cruel to make fun of the way someone's body looks.

Leave Kanye alone.