Thankfully Kelly Osbourne — the queen of unicorn hair — has a fool-proof tip for babes who want to rock a colorful mane.

"If you want to try a new color of hair, buy a wig first," Osbourne told Revelist at her BELLA New York cover party at Bagatelle on Monday. 

"Wear the wig and see if it makes you feel comfortable with that color."

When she first dyed her hair, Osbourne said she didn't take the fact that her unicorn locks might not "match" her favorite outfits into consideration.

Kelly Osbourne unicorn hair
photo: Instagram/@kellyosbourne

But she wants beauty buffs to learn from her mistake.

"You have to try [your new hair color] with your clothes that you wear all the time," she insisted. "Because if you change your hair, sometimes you have your favorite looks that you wear all the time and it won’t match because your skin tone changes."

Osbourne warns that pastel-colored hair might alter your natural complexion.

Kelly Osbourne unicorn hair
photo: Instagram/@kellyosbourne

"The one thing about lavender is that it takes the yellow and pink pigment out of your skin," the "There is No F*cking Secret" author noted.

But there is one huge perk of having colorful hair:

"It makes everybody look younger!" she proclaimed. "It’s a scientific fact."

Now that she has committed to the unicorn look, Osbourne has no plans to go back.

#LavenderForLife ????????????????????

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When Revelist asked Osbourne if she's ready to switch up her lavender hair, Osbourne let out a “Nope!” with zero hesitation. 

Unicorn hair is *always* worth the risk.

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"Don’t be afraid, because your hair will always grow back," Osbourne concluded.

Long live unicorn hair.