Kylie Jenner got a ton of flack from the internet about her questionable Kylie Skin demo that showed how she washes her face. Now that her big supermodel sister Kendall Jenner has shown off how she washes her own face, perhaps we were missing some family context that explains Kylie's, um, faux pas. 

Kendall took to her social media pages to show off her skin-cleansing routine, and now people can't stop cracking up at the obvious issues with her beauty video. Maybe it just runs in the family? Maybe they're competing? The internet is unsure, but it cannot stop roasting the supermodel and her little sis for their strange hygiene practices.

So, this is how Kendall Jenner washes that moneymaker face of hers.

Of course, she's promoting Proactiv, which is the acne-clearing skin-care brand she began endorsing at the top of 2019. Remember when she tricked everyone into thinking she had a big secret to spill, and the secret turned out to be that yet another brand was paying her to promote their products?

Kendall "i HaVe sEcrEt Jenner" had everyone rolling their eyes at that. Now we know what the real secret is: Baby girl doesn't really wash her face that thoroughly.

Fans want to know why she only washes her face for half a second. 

"Who washes their face that quick tho? Whats it cleaning?" one person tweeted out in confusion. "Her fingertips," another responded. WELP! To be honest, we can't even confirm that her fingertips are even getting cleaned well in that millisecond she spends rubbing cleanser in. 

In case you forgot (or like Kendall Jenner, never knew), estheticians and even dermatologists recommend that we all spend at least one minute cleaning our faces.

The 60-second rule was created by licensed esthetician and beauty influencer Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist. According to her rule, the face needs the full 60 seconds to ensure that the product actually gets worked into your skin. Simply rubbing it on your face with water for a second isn't doing too much because you haven't given it time to get down into your skin to do the work it's supposed to do. 

Still, even if you only give yourself half of that time, you'd be spending more time on your face than Kendall Jenner does. 

Some fans believe Kendall Jenner's not even really showing us her real skin-care routine in this video.

"She’s only getting paid for 24 seconds of ad and isn’t doing a second more lmao," the fan joked. Actually, this is... highly plausible? Of all the things that have been spread around about the KarJenner clan, the one we can all see is true is that they are all about the money. I wouldn't be surprised if Jenner washed her face for the amount they paid her and then bounced right off the set.

It's not like that would be off-brand in any way.

Fans hilariously think that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are in some sort of face-washing competition that none of us understand.

"Kendall & Kylie... are y’all trying to race each other to see who can wash their face the fastest?" one fan tweeted.

LMBO, this is beyond hilarious. But seriously, this is a question that needs answers. Why can't these adult women clean their faces properly? What went on in that KarJenner household? 

Hey, at least we know we have one up on the rich siblings in at least one area.

"I think my greatest achievement is that I wash my face better than Kendall and Kylie," a fan wrote. Ha! It's actually true though. We seemingly all wash our faces better than Kendall and Kylie. Our pores are much happier even if our pockets aren't richer. That matters idc idc. 

People need to know why their metabolisms can't compete with the Jenners' face-washing skills.

"Wish my metabolism was as fast as Kendall & Kylie taking off their face wash," a person wrote. And so does the rest of the world. I'm pretty sure that Kendall and Kylie could compete in the face-washing Olympics. That would add yet another accomplishment to their résumés, by the way.

Meanwhile, I just want to know which of their parents they learned this cleansing practice from?

photo: E!

I just cannot picture the glamorous momager that is Kris Jenner really washing her face improperly.... She's just way too boujee and put-together for that. That said, do we have Caitlyn Jenner to thank for this? Or was it one of those Jenner brothers? Someone in that clan has some explaining to do.

Either way, I think the Jenners need to just pay someone to wash their faces properly for them because this ain't it. Let's hope that at least Kylie gets herself together before the next Kylie Skin demo video. Fingers crossed, washcloths ready.