Anyone who has ever searched Kendall Jenner on Instagram has probably come across the @knj.daily fan account. Since its inception, knj.daily has meticulously followed Jenner's every move — including pictures of the many culturally offensive controversies that Jenner has refused to address.

The model is not only notorious for being the center of these problematic offenses, she's also known for refusing to apologize. 

The knj.daily account has remained neutral and its coverage of Jenner has remained persistent... until now.

After many years, the account has decided to "unstan" Kendall Jenner.

The Instagram account recently went private, and ominously added "coming soon" to its bio. The Twitter account, which still advertises itself as "Your ultimate daily source for everything Kendall Jenner," remained public, but was posting noticeably less. Nevertheless, NOBODY was ready for the extensive thread of receipts that was to come.

The Twitter account explained it was no longer willing to give her a pass on her many problematic controversies.

Like when she wore this shirt with a confederate flag...

... or the many times she appropriated from other cultures...

... or how she remained friends with Ian Connor amid rape allegations.

How about when she disrespectfully wore a burka as a disguise?

Or when she participated in this extremely offensive Pepsi ad, and banned journalists from asking her about it so she wouldn't have to address it or apologize?

And they pointed out how, most recently, she replaced the faces of music legends with her own in an attempt to sell overpriced T-shirts.

The thread chronicles instances of Jenner culturally appropriating over the span of many years. She doesn't address getting called out, she doesn't apologize, and she doesn't change. She remains, as the Kardashian-Jenners like to say, "unbothered." But even an Instagram account, which has been so in love with Kendall Jenner for so long, can't keep ignoring her many indiscretions. It's had enough, and now it's distancing itself from her.

Whether or not this has been some sort of a hack remains to be seen. However, if it is in fact real, kudos to knj.daily for stepping up and calling out its former fave on all her problematic behaviors.